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Empowering developers with a 360-degree server monitoring tool

Uptime monitoring is one of the most crucial parts of your website’s administration. It is important to monitor when your website is running and when it isn’t. Downtimes can cost you customers and eventually money and opportunities. Fortunately, with the help of 360 site monitoring tool available as a Plesk extension, you can now easily monitor your website.
Manage your website seamlessly with complete website monitoring including one-minute checks, personalized website uptime alerting, server metrics, and more.
With 360 Monitoring, you can:
  • Check DNS time, keywords, SSL validity, and more from over 26 locations globally
  • Know the reason behind a particular downtime
  • Create plugins and integrate with other database and server technologies
360 Uptime Monitoring tool

360 Uptime Monitoring is available as an addon with

What makes 360 Uptime Monitoring a must-have tool?

360 Monitoring
Automated Website Checking
Check your website against errors with automated website quality testing feature. Identify dead links, JavaScript errors, broken images, and other anomalies.
Frequent Scans
Run regular scans and understand and solve issues with the help of 360 advisor. Monitoring of intervals up to 60 seconds with 30 days data retention.
Multiple Integrations
Customized plugins as per your need with the availability of multiple integrations with top database technologies like CloudLinux, PHP, IMAP and SMTPs.
Server Uptime Checks
Monitor your website’s uptime status and track the health of each functionality with detailed reporting, statistics, and other information.
Downtime Checks
Monitor the website downtime and know why a downtime occurred for taking corrective actions and measures.
Personalized Alerting
Get personalized alerts whenever there is an important notification in your preferred channel. It can help you stay up to date on the go.