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Acronis Cloud Backup

  • Backup
  • End point Protection
  • Anti-malware & Anti-ransomware
Up to 25%
7.32 /mo.
AIIMS, SpiceJet and other corporations became a victim to cyber-attacks. Don’t' wait until it's too late. Act Now!

Get your Acronis Cloud Backup Storage ready in 3 mins.

All above plans are available for a minimum of 10 users. You can select the user count using the Quantity option while placing the order.

Plan Name
Acronis Cyber Protect 100 GB
7.32 / mo.
  • 100 GB
Acronis Cyber Protect 250 GB
18.29 / mo.
  • 250 GB
Acronis Cyber Protect 500 GB
36.59 / mo.
  • 500 GB

For higher backup packages, please connect with our sales specialist

Features of Acronis Cyber Protect Plan

Reliable infrastructure built for performance

Streamline Security Processes

Simplify your operations by using an all-in-one solution that combines malware prevention, data protection, and security controls to provide effective protection.
Priced for perfection

Ensure Data Accessibility

Take consistent and reliable backups of your data and store them securely so that you can retrieve them quickly whenever you need them.
Highly scalable

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Improve IT efficiency, performance, and compliance with internal SLAs, all while streamlining training and lowering maintenance costs.
SLA of 99.9% service uptime

Eliminate Downtime Risks

Protect your system from costly system interruptions caused by configuration mistakes, ransomware attacks, hardware problems, and untreated vulnerabilities.
Free migration consultancy

Rapidly Recover Data

Protect your system from expensive disruptions caused by configuration errors, ransomware attacks, hardware problems, and unaddressed vulnerabilities.

Experts trust Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud – know what they say about it

Rest easy – your data is in safe hands!

Acronis is among the companies on the forefront for integrated data protection and cyber protection. We believe that Acronis Cyber Protect is among the most comprehensive attempts to provide data protection and cybersecurity to date." - Phil Goodwin, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC. is a respected German security institute known for putting anti-malware solutions to test. AV-Test ran a pre-release version of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud against their usual testing routine for anti-virus business solutions, which looks at protection, performance, and usability. It scored perfectly with a verified 100% detection rate.

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  • How secure are cloud storage services?

    Very secure. Your files are encrypted before being placed into cloud storage using advanced encryption methods. With Acronis, you can get a unique account number for all your incoming data so that only you have access to the data.

    Acronis employs robust security measures such as government-approved AES-256 encryption. You create the password, and only you have access to it. Your data is encrypted even before it is sent.
  • What kinds of data can be kept in the cloud?

    Acronis cloud backup software leverages distant servers to store various types of data, including files, business records, videos, or images. Users transmit their data over an internet connection, and it is subsequently stored on a virtual machine hosted on a physical server.:
  • How safe is cloud storage for my data?

    The data can only be accessed by you, whether you're performing a cloud backup or restoring a single file or an entire machine. Hence, your data is completely secure.
  • Is cloud storage backed up?

    Cloud backup ensures data security and easy recovery, whereas cloud storage focuses on accessibility. Our hybrid solution offers secure on-site and scalable off-site data backups for all your needs, anytime, anywhere.
  • Are there any limitations with the Acronis free trial version?

    Acronis free trial versions are single installation only. If the trial period concludes, it cannot be reactivated on the same computer.
  • After the free trial, how can I buy the full version of Acronis?

    If you hold an active subscription for Acronis Cyber Protect, just log in to your account. The program will seamlessly transition from the trial to the full version if you have available seats in your subscription. In case, you don’t have a subscription, you can go to the Acronis page: [add link] and buy a plan of your choice to get started.
  • How long is the free Acronis trial period?

    The Acronis trial period lasts for 30 days.
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