Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

A 360-degree cybersecurity solution for businesses in USA with the industry’s first-ever integration of backup and cybersecurity with access to advanced cyber protection features
  • Shared Protection Plans
  • Advanced backup & cybersecurity capabilities
  • Backup Notarization & safe recovery
  • Security posture assessment

Unified Cyber Protection Solution

Businesses in the USA can now experience integrated backup and next-generation AI-based antivirus, anti-malware, and endpoint protection in one solution with centralized management with Acronis cyber protection.

Advanced Backup and Recovery
Advanced Backup and Recovery

Unmatched variety of backup sources - including file, disk, and mobile and multiple storage options
Protection against Zero-day attacks
Protection against Zero-day attacks

Advanced AI-based behavioral detection engine to identify and stop ransomware, malware, and zero-day attacks
Security Controls
Centralized License Management

Control multiple independent environments licensing through a single platform for easy and quick management

Strengthen your security portfolio with advanced protection packs

Deliver enhanced cybersecurity capabilities to your clients in the USA by offering these advanced protection packs from Acronis. Gain complete control over costs by paying only for the functionalities your client uses.

Integrated cyber-protection with full-stack anti-malware

Extend the endpoint protection capabilities of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud with the Advanced Security pack and lower the cyber risk of your clients’ systems via features like exploit prevention, anti-malware detection, URL filtering, and improved detection rates.

  • Full-stack anti-malware protection with real-time protection
  • Anti-malware scans of data stored in the Acronis Cloud
  • Forensics data backups to help you collect digital evidence
  • CPOC threat feed to help you quickly react to emerging threats
  • Reduce false positives with automatic allow listing feature

Offer more than simple backup

Advanced Cloud Backup Pack by Acronis helps you provide integrated cyber protection to your clients in the USA with advanced backup capabilities. The combination of Acronis cloud backup with cyber protection features is a unique approach to delivering all-around protection to your clients’ systems.

  • Scheduled backup reports and continuous data protection features
  • Protect more than 20 workload types from a single console
  • Data protection map and compliance reporting for enhanced visibility
  • Extend backup capabilities to multiple application clusters like SAP HANA, Oracle DB, etc.

Offer cloud disaster recovery to US clients with the flip of a switch

Deliver added security to your clients’ systems with the Advanced Disaster Recovery pack available as an extension in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud. With a simple flip of a switch, you can protect your clients’ workloads whenever a disaster strikes.

  • Ensure easy and seamless automated failover of clients’ production environment
  • Provide quick connections with point-to-site or site-to-site connectivity
  • IPsec Multisite VPN support and L2 site-to-site open VPN
  • Multiple templates to help you setup disaster recovery plans for your clients
  • Availability of custom DNS configuration

Protect your clients’ #1 threat vector - Email

Block any email-borne threat – including phishing, spam, malware, business email compromise (BEC) advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-days even before they reach your clients’ Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Open-Xchange mailboxes with Advanced Email Security pack powered by Perception Point available in the Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

  • Prevent phishing and spoofing attempts
  • Catch advanced evasion techniques and hidden malicious content
  • Stop APTs and zero-day attacks via unmatched detection speed
  • Modernize your security stack with a single solution deployed within seconds
  • Prevent internal phishing attacks with anti-evasion, image-recognition features

Improve the productivity and collaboration of your clients’ teams

The Advanced File Sync and Share pack extension available in Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can help your clients improve their teams’ productivity and collaboration with secure-file sharing capabilities with fully remote notarization, verification, online signing, and other features.

  • Embedded eSigning to help your clients easily share data and file
  • Remote file notarization to ensure data authenticity and security
  • HIPAA-compliant file sync and share service with encryption both at rest and in-transit

Innovate faster with simplified client protection management and patch automation

With automatic patch and client protection management from Acronis, focus more on delivering innovation and less on administration chores. Further streamline your strategy with capabilities like report scheduling, software inventory collection, and drive health monitoring.

  • Integrated and automated patch management with support for 200+ applications
  • Save time and effort when managing software with software inventory collection
  • Fail safe patching to quickly recover from faulty patches
  • Simplify renewals with report scheduling capabilities

Advantages of Acronis Cyber Protect

Introduction to Acronis Cyber Protect

helping businesses in the US safely meet the challenges of today's remote work environments

One Vendor

Get streamlined, completely integrated cyber protection solution.
One Agent

Get better performance and avoid conflicts with endpoint-agent.
One backend

Helps minimize your infrastructure requirements
One Console

Get reactions quickly, without changing tools.
One License

Simplifies your budgeting and purchase process.
One Experience

Provides similar, unified interaction for staff.