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Alpha SSL Plans

Normal Alpha SSL

Certificate Trust Level

USD 88.44 /year
1.56 /month
  • Secure one website
  • Verified Domain Name
  • RSA 4096-bit encryption
  • Issue Time: within 5 Minutes
Most Trusted
Wildcard Alpha SSL

Certificate Trust Level

USD 17.27 /year
4.84 /month
  • Secure multiple sub-domains
  • Verified Domain and Organization Name
  • RSA 4096-bit encryption
  • Issue Time: within 3 Minutes
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Why SSL is important?

Features which are part of our cheap Alpha SSL certificates.

green lock

Green Padlock Increases Trust

credit cards info secure

Keep Credit Cards info secure

free tools with ssl

Multiple Browser, OS & Device Support

Reliable SSL Certificate from ZNetLive

Display a Secure Site Seal

Boost in Google ranking

Increase in Sale Conversion

Secure Multiple Domains

Establish Customer Confidence with a Free Site Seal

SSL Secure Site Seals are "trust marks" that enhance customer confidence and trust in online transactions.

If your website is still on HTTP, Google now marks it as Not Secure!

Why buy Alpha SSL certificate?

Looking for cheap DV SSL or cheap Wildcard SSL certificate? Here are the features you get with Alpha SSL certificate.

green lock

Cost-effective security

All mobile devices and popular browsers trust Alpha SSL transparently. It is issued from a trusted RSA 2048-bit root and gives a very strong 256-bit encryption.
credit cards info secure

Reliable security

ZNetLive's Alpha SSL certificates activate the 'SSL secure' padlock in all leading mobile devices and browsers. This ensures encryption of customer data and increases their trust on your brand.
boost in google ranking

Secure multiple servers

With cost-effective Alpha SSL certificates, you can secure unlimited number of load balancers or servers at no extra cost.
increase in sale conversion

Quick security

With Alpha SSL, you can secure logins, transactions, and more in less than 3 minutes. No need to go through validation checks or fax documents.
secure multiple domains

No charge on reissues

Ideal for entry level websites. With Alpha SSL certificates, you don't need to pay extra for getting your SSL certificate rekeyed or reissued.
free tools with ssl

SSL certificates expert support

ZNetLive's dedicated SSL Support team will be there to guide you whenever you need any help.

Still not convinced? Have a quick chat with our SSL certificate expert.

Don’t just take our words for it
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