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Amazon Web Services (AWS) - the secure cloud services platform helps businesses scale and grow by building sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

Why AWS with ZNetLive?

Get the right mix of automation and administration.
Industry leading NodeFirst support

ZNetLive’s technically apt support team will be available, accountable and answerable and will take pro-active actions to maintain your cloud and rectify the issues.

Cost effectiveness & resource forecasting

ZNetLive can help you in forecasting your resource requirement, reducing costs and thus helping you to better formulate your budget across regions and instance types.

Visibility with monitoring & reporting

When your AWS is up and running, ZNetLive can also provide reporting of your AWS accounts as per your customization - user wise, application wise, venture wise and more.

Security with smart governance

Get complete IT portfolio management, including public, private, hybrid clouds and virtualized environments, ensuring proper user access, compliance and security of your data.


Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services

Rest assured of your AWS management as you’re in the hands of cloud experts!

Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services

Some exciting features of AWS management by ZNetLive

Experience the next gen cloud hosting.

Management of AWS Account

  • One place management of all AWS accounts, environment wise, like production, development etc.
  • AWS CloudTrail and Config for complete audit and tracking.
  • Complete security of AWS root account & MFA credentials.

Management of permissions

  • One identity throughout – ZNetLive, AWS and EC2 instances.
  • Easy access across all AWS accounts.
  • AWS Console federation for smooth identity and access management.
  • Pre-configured AWS IAM for security.

Cloud activity record through logbook

  • Activity tracking for all AWS accounts across regions.
  • Complete visibility across all Cloud activity.

Management of EC2 OS

  • Complete management including configuration, patching, upgradation etc.
  • Supports Amazon Linux 2015.03+, Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 LTS CentOS 6/7.
  • Apps like NGINX and Apache included.

Management of EC2 instances

  • Automated and robust SSH key management for all EC2 instances for secure EC2 access.
  • Secure network permissions and on-demand provisioning of bastion server for safe VPS access.
  • One request process for access.

Complete Migration assistance

  • Complete migration assistance of your data and apps to AWS by ZNetLive.

How to proceed?

Let us manage the backstage while you take the center stage.

The technical experts at ZNetLive will work with you to create a managed services plan to meet your exact business requirements. These experts will also help migrate you to AWS in no time. The support team will also work alongside technical team so that right assistance can be provided at the right time. Your plan will outline:

  • Accountability for all your cloud components.
  • Complete migration assistance of your data and apps to AWS.
  • TAT for events and issues management.
  • Customized escalation routes depending upon issue severity.
  • Tracking cloud systems performance and associated costs.

Depending upon your defined business requirements, we will leverage AWS to architecture your cloud so that:

  • Your computing infrastructure will only be used when required.
  • Resources are released once the specific job is done.
  • Scalability is taken care of as per the application’s resource requirements.

Our engineers will manage, automate and secure your cloud operations depending upon your management requirements to help you derive maximum efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum. This will include:

  • Proper documentation outlining specific needs of the clients.
  • Implementation of systems’ monitoring including performance, security and SLA.
  • Setting up procedures per defined escalation policies.
  • Automation for zero error and cost control.

We can help you optimize your cloud and IT environment by implementing an unbreakable cycle of monitoring and reporting so as to maximize the performance and efficiency of your IT systems while taking care to keep your costs to a minimum. This will help you to:

  • Get visibility into your systems with reports and maintain transparency in operations.
  • Optimize resources, utilize them better and reduce costs.
  • Employ DR methods, get assisted failover and thereby minimize downtime and be armed in case of any unforeseen events.
  • Minimize manual errors with increased automation.
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