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Why Application Management Services?

Outsource your application management to reduce complexities and optimize IT costs
Need for application management services
  • Increasing complexities of applications' portfolio.

  • Need for better application connectivity in case of addition of new applications.

  • Requirement of continuous up-gradation in the current application.

  • For matching the dynamism of the software industry.

Benefits of application management services
  • Reduce your operational costs.

  • Increase your efficiency through consolidation of applications.

  • Worry free management of applications, with defined SLA.

  • Get access to updated and latest technologies.

Application Management Services by ZNetLive

Dynamic business environment today requires enterprises to focus more on business strategies. Our application management services take care of your complex application portfolios, help you to reduce IT costs and improve operational efficiency. Thus, allowing you to focus on your core business competencies.

Our wide range of application management services include
DR Replication services
DR Replication services
Protect your data from getting lost or damaged through our DR replication services. Our data recovery services ensure that your data is never lost by creating multiple duplicate copies of the primary data. These copies are at an offsite location and can be accessed in case of primary data loss. You can choose synchronous or asynchronous replication of data as per the need of your organization and the sensitivity of data.
  • You will always have duplicate copies of your data.

  • Any change in primary data will get updated in the duplicate file as well.

E-mail gateway application management services
E-mail gateway application management services
Email is one of the most important sources of a company's internal and external communication. Our e-mail gateway application management service gives you secure and efficient mail management system. Be ensured of the confidentiality of your incoming and outgoing mails; protect your mail box from spam, phishing attacks and malware.
MS Skype for Business service
MS Skype for Business service
Our management service for Microsoft Skype aims at providing you a unified communication solution that will help you to focus on revenue-generating activities. You can easily deploy your organization communication solution on the Microsoft platform, without having to worry about operational issues like security, fault resolution, 3rd party supplies etc.
SharePoint service
SharePoint service
With SharePoint, you can create websites or use it as a place secured to store, share, organize and access information from any device. Availability of any web browser like IE, Chrome or Firefox is enough to access the SharePoint. Our SharePoint services give organizations an interface to manage their applications, files and documents.
SVN or apache subversion helps application developers and system administrators as a software versioning and revision control scheme. Software developers use SVN to maintain various current and past versions of the files like source code, documentation and web pages. This system also maintains various data related to directories, metadata and much more.
GIT infrastructure management service
GIT infrastructure management service
GIT is basically a version control system which is used to develop software and other control tasks. It has multiple features like code review and other collaborative features to support software development.

Why choose us?

Standard implementation and service delivery models

Our application management services follow the ITIL standard and assure quality deliverance to our clients.
Experience in handling complex IT systems

Our rich experience of 16+ years in the IT industry makes us familiar to all major and minor IT issues. Hence, we are able to give you much better solutions for IT complexities.
Secure and guaranteed SLAs

We offer enterprise grade SLAs so that you can trust us as your application management support service providers. Our systems are highly secure and we take care to keep everything updated.