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With ZNetLive’s cloud assessment and planning services, get maximum value from your existing infrastructure and cloud to enable a digitally transformed organization. Our services include thorough IT assessment; planning and building strategies; visualizing, developing and preparing architecture; cloud migration consulting; and estimating economics for a cost optimized infrastructure model to provide a scalable, agile and secure business environment.
Our assessment and planning services help you address your key challenges.
  • How to get more agility, speed, and performance for your IT assets?
  • How to decide between private and public cloud deployments and how to factor in both for your organization’s short to medium term IT strategy?
  • How to decide which apps to take to cloud?
  • How to control ‘zombie apps’ or ‘shadow IT’ or workloads consuming more resources than value they are delivering?
  • How to address changes in organization and staff after cloud migration?
Cloud assessment and planning services

Cloud assessment and planning process

cloud assessment services
In initial phase, we assess your enterprise environment, infrastructure, workloads and applications. Assessing applications and workloads for cloud readiness will prepare you to determine which applications and data should be moved to a cloud environment and which delivery models – public, private or hybrid can be supported.
assessment and planning services
During planning, we help build infrastructure maps and application migration strategy depending on app performance and dependency and help identify shadow IT. An application to be migrated will be interconnected at many places, so application owners need to address the impact of these connections before migration.
cloud migration assessment
This phase is to determine your app groups cloud viability, readiness and migration associated costs. Apps will be prioritized depending upon their score for cloud readiness and their mission criticality to your business. In this phase, we'll right-size any under or over utilized resources and address security and privacy issues as well.
cloud migration assessment services
In this phase, we group apps depending on interconnectivity and dependencies, modify them with insights from assessment and infrastructure mapping. App integration is divided into three broad categories- process, data and presentation integration.
Cloud assessment and planning
In this phase, we create a comparison of TCO of running applications in cloud or on-premises with precise inputs on infrastructure, tools used, training, labor etc. and calculate the ROI of cloud migration from on-premise.

Why work with us?

cloud migration consulting
Best in class

Work with a certified Microsoft, AWS, and IBM SoftLayer and Google Cloud Partner to accelerate your success with our long - standing relationships with leading cloud solution providers.
Cloud migration assessment and planning

Utilize state of the art IT infrastructure and expertise of certified Cloud and Information Security experts.
Cloud assessment and planning by ZNetLive

Experience personalized end to end support in planning, deployment and cloud migration assessment services and enjoy a broad range of services from managed infrastructure to support.