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Zero hassle backup and data archiving solution

Meet compliance goals, increase capacity

Simplified backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage in the cloud

backup and data archiving solution
Hassle free backups

Improve productivity and remove the complexities associated with management of traditional backups. Get simplified managed backup-as-a-service and hybrid storage for easy restoration of applications and data from the cloud.

data archiving solutions
Cost effective to scale

With hugely scalable, tiered backup storage in the cloud, easily accommodate your growing enterprise data. Transform capex to pay-as-you-go model for cost-effectiveness.

backup storage solution provider
Meet compliance goals

Meet regulatory or business compliances with complete compliance portfolio availability. Select your backup and archive location from a number of regions available.

Security for remote offices

Archive data in the preferred cloud datacenter region, to keep your data secure and close to the branch office and save on infrastructure investments for remote and branch offices.

Cloud Data Backup and Archive

A unified solution to get operational peace of mind

cloud data backup and archive
Back up on-premises data to cloud

Safely back up your business data and mission critical applications from an on-premises system to cloud.
hybrid storage solutions
Back up cloud data to cloud

Safely back up your business data and applications running in one cloud to another cloud location.
cloud data backup and archive by ZNetLive
Archive on-premises data to cloud

Sagely archive your on-premises business data to a cloud storage solution.

Why us?

ZNetLive data archiving solutions
Advisors, not sellers
We are trusted by many as their cloud advisor. We can help you adopt and define a holistic business continuity strategy.
backup and archive solution
Best in class solutions
Our solutions deliver data protection to your business data, no matter where it resides, helping you avoid risky and costly business interruptions.
ZNetLive backup and archive solution
Ensured efficiency
Achieve efficiency and scalability with us. We promise 99.9% service availability for your peace of mind.
backup storage solution
Worry-free support
Our services run in high-availability environment and are regularly patched. Most come fully supported, freeing you from IT management hassles.
Get our expert cloud team to build the best business solution for you!