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Automatic backups to Cloud storage

An ideal choice for web professionals, this extension of Plesk lets you quickly and simply schedule automatic backups to the leading cloud storages like Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Drive and DropBox.
With a single purchase, you and your customers can set up different backup schedules for subscriptions, clients and Plesk resellers.

Backup to Cloud is available as an addon with

Benefits of Backup to Cloud Pro

Unified management

With Plesk, manage automatic backups with all other system infrastructure from a single dashboard.

Loss of data can be the biggest business risk. Automatedly backup your huge data volume safely to a cloud storage with Plesk Backup to Cloud Pro extension.

It's easy to set up and runs automatically. No special coding or integration needed to backup or access your data.
Full control

You get complete control of how and when backups are to be made. Just connect your Plesk user account to your chosen cloud storage and you are all set to start scheduling.