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Azure Big Data Storage

Better decisions, improved customer engagement and increased revenue

Fast analysis
Fast analysis

With actionable data insights, quickly analyze your diverse dataset and make predictive, holistic and more informed decisions.

Store your data for an indefinite time and meet regulatory and company standards with Hadoop and Spark technologies and the cloud.
Operational efficiency
Operational efficiency

Discover hidden insights from your data and develop an understanding of the factors that you need to streamline your business.


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Azure HDInsight
  • Fully managed Hadoop and Spark as a Service.

  • Operational clusters within minutes.

  • Complete opensource Hortonworks data platform.

  • Analytics via BI tools or interactive data science via open source notebooks.

  • Overall lower TCO as compared to deploying Hadoop on-premise.

Azure Data Lake Store
  • Hyper scale big data workloads repository.

  • HDFS (Hadoop File System) for the cloud.

  • Store data in any native format and scale as needed.

  • Encryption at rest and enterprise -grade access control.

  • Optimized analytic workload performance.

  • High throughput and low latency workloads.

Azure Data Lake Analytics
  • Apache YARN based distributed analytics service.

  • Visual Studio integration for developing, debugging and turning code faster.

  • Role based access control.

  • Elastic scale per query for helping users focus on business, not hardware configuration.

  • Included U- SQL for providing SQL advantages with C#.

  • Federated query across Azure data sources.

Big Data Storage Benefits

Experience better business and deliver best with real time data analysis

Predictive and preemptive maintenance
Predictive and preemptive maintenance
Guaranteed higher uptimes, go beyond preventive maintenance - get a live view of your inventory levels, identify any backlog issues and predict product fulfillment needs.
Cost effective
Cost effective and optimized supply performance
With big data integration, build optimized and cost-effective supply chain and save money by using advanced analytics in real time.
Improved sales and strong ROI
Improved sales and strong ROI
With predictive marketing, optimize your business projects, predict your customers' unique interests and offer them products as per their preferences, thus improve both - sales leads and revenue generation, to get better ROI for your business.
Higher level of efficiency
Higher level of efficiency
Orchestrate data more effectively across complex environments, serve your remote customers worldwide, without worrying for the level of performance.
Forecast future demands and optimize pricing
Forecast future demands and optimize pricing
Big data storage enables you to absorb and store data and recommends optimal prices for different products sold in different stores. These price optimization algorithms will help you to predict future demands of your customers and improve your business profits.

Why Azure from ZNetLive?

Customized Infrastructure

Our Microsoft Certified experts' design an ongoing and customized Microsoft infrastructure based on the best of our services that your business demands.
Architectural guidance

Use Azure to its fullest with our reliable experts' guidance and realize improved performance, maximum ROI and cost effectiveness.
Multi-tier support system

ZNetLive provides a multi-tier support system with its NodeFirst Support system that provides constant support to you when you need technical help.
99.9% Network uptime

ZNetLive provides a guaranteed monthly network uptime of 99.9% to its Azure customers blended with industry - respected, financially backed SLA.
Get our expert Azure Team to build the best business solution for you