Web hosting is a service that enables an organization to make its online business accessible to others on the internet. Having only an online presence is not enough, you need to choose the right web hosting service that makes you quickly accessible from everywhere across the globe. Also, it should be cost-effective with an ability to handle mission critical applications with 100% uptime and responsiveness; should come with fast technical support; and should be on a secure, high-end infrastructure.

With so much to consider, choosing the right web hosting in India or in fact anywhere in the world can be a bit daunting task. Thus, the purpose of this write-up is to share some points to make it easier for you to choose which kind of hosting fits best for your organization.

What is shared hosting?

In shared hosting, a server and its resources are shared among multiple tenants. There is a limit on the use of each and every resource like CPU, disk space, database, bandwidth, etc. and you also get limited FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, etc.

But, it is the most economical way of website hosting as all the expenditure per server is also shared by a number of tenants. It is the best fit for startups.

However, if you are planning to start an e-commerce site or already own a successful business, then you need a reliable, custom configured Linux or Windows hosting, with resources that are not shared with others.

Alternatives of Shared Hosting

There are sophisticated alternatives to cheap shared hosting that are better and can provide you with high quality services and more features at affordable prices. Let’s discuss them in detail –

1. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

It is one of the most popular kinds of hosting services. Most of the companies are opting for Linux or Windows VPS hosting as it is a hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting. When we compare shared hosting with VPS hosting, we find that unlike shared hosting in which physical segregation is there, VPS has virtual compartments with OS, bandwidth and disk space. The user uses his virtual compartment which gives a feel that he is using his own server, and it’s quite affordable, priced lesser than a dedicated server. Also, it offers more enhanced features than shared hosting like security, root access, etc.

Other benefits of cheap VPS hosting:

  • You can get customized resources and thus, pay only for what you use.
  • Is easily scalable, so you can add or remove the resources as per your growing business needs.
  • You get the control and security measures with root access.
  • You get good performance as there’s minimal server load.

Limitations of VPS hosting:

  • Space is technically shared with others on board.
  • If any VPS provider doesn’t provide the complete allocated resources, then it can be a big issue if you need them at the peak levels. So, you should only go with a reliable VPS hosting provider.

2. Dedicated server

It is one of the best alternatives of shared hosting as the server as well as its resources are available only for your sole usage. When we compare shared hosting to dedicated server hosting, we find that with the dedicated server, there are no performance related issues like speed, connectivity, and downtime that may occur with shared hosting.

Other benefits of dedicated server:

  • Ultimate option in terms of power and control as all the server’s key resources are available only for your usage.
  • Is customizable – you can add software and hardware the way you want.
  • Can easily manage the massive volume of traffic, no effect of peak times.
  • Is more secure and reliable.
  • It allows running of all types of scripts and software, as complete control and responsibility is there with the owner.
  • It supports various types of scripting languages.
  • Some providers provide SATA HDDs, DDR4 RAM and NAS backups with the server.

Limitations of dedicated server:

  • If one opts for unmanaged plan, then a technical team is needed to manage the server.
  • If the server crashes, then it takes time to get fixed.
  • More expensive. Best suited for large websites of big enterprises.

A quick comparison – VPS vs Dedicated

FeaturesVPSDedicated Server
ScalabilityLimitedMore than VPS
SuitabilityWebsites having moderate trafficE-commerce websites

Which option is best – VPS or Dedicated hosting?

It depends solely on your website and its needs. If you need an economical dedicated web hosting solution, then go for VPS. If you are running a large website like an e-commerce site where you have to manage high traffic, then go for Windows dedicated server hosting.

With ZNetLive, you can tailor the plans as per your website needs. Not only this, you also get various value added services and solutions for monitoring, security, speed optimization of your server and much more depending on your web hosting plan.

Remember, a smart decision will determine your online success. So do research and in doubt, consult hosting experts before finalizing your web hosting type.

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments – which web hosting solution are you going to buy.

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