Data backup has become an integral part of modern businesses today. Now it’s possible to store terabytes of data in tiny, cheap disks, but, there was a time when storage devices used to weigh in tonnes. Though this reduction in the physical size of storage devices has made the accessibility part easier, they have now become vulnerable to being lost or stolen.

As the data continues to grow, data security and backup are crucial for businesses and it has become increasingly important to implement proper security protocols. As in their absence, important business data can get lost, resulting in reputation loss, revenue loss, and ultimately business loss.

  • 39 percent of SMBs don’t have an incident response plan to fight unexpected cyber risks or data breaches. – Global State of Cybersecurity Report 2019
  • A data breach can cost organizations around USD 3.92 million. And, the average time required to identify and address a data breach incident is 279 days. – Data Breach Report 2019

Acronis has been delivering capabilities for data protection (e.g., backup/recovery, disaster recovery) and cyber recovery (e.g., blockchain, Acronis Notary) for several years.

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Here is an infographic by Acronis and ZNetLive that will take you on an interesting journey of backup and storage history and their evolution through the ages.

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