Traditional cybersecurity software are not designed to handle today’s cyberthreats. Modern IT systems are becoming increasingly complex and data is being generated in huge volumes that make storing and safeguarding workloads complicated and costly.

There was a time when just taking backup was enough to protect your data but that is the bygone era, not applicable anymore, in the pandemic era.

FBI says cybercrime reports quadrupled during COVID-19 pandemic. ZDNet

Due to this pandemic that didn’t give anyone the chance to prepare, business continuity is on the top of minds for businesses, and not security. For them, IT is the only thing that’s dependable in this pandemic and that’s helping them stay productive. IT has become a basic necessity.

The IT teams are scurrying to enable the remote work and may not have time to take additional precautions to protect organization’s applications, systems and data. But, for the businesses, keeping security on the back burner may prove to be crippling in the long run.

Here, the newly introduced Acronis Cyber Protect – a complete cyber protection solution, has a role to play. It is a game-changing product that provides superior data protection by integrating data protection, cybersecurity and management abilities in one solution, dramatically cutting down the cost and complexities.

Cybersecurity challenges faced by the modern businesses

  • Businesses face huge data security challenges as offices suddenly move from secure corporate environments to insecure home networks.
  • Home networks are generally not secure and have a number of devices connected to them – this vulnerability can be exploited by cybercriminals to gain entry into the network.
  • The security of devices connected via home network becomes increasingly complex as there are a number of devices of varying types, operating systems’ versions, and applications. 
  • A business needs to rely on different tools for backup, anti-virus, vulnerability assessment, anti-ransomware solutions which increases costs and complexities associated with learning and maintenance.
  • Multiple protection tools on a single computer is not practical and can overload the system and decrease performance.
  • You need to keep a tab on patches and updates, which may increase the potential for incompatibilities and failures.

Acronis Cyber Protect combines all cyber protection tools in a single solution with single agent, management console and license.

Introduction to Acronis Cyber Protect by ZNetLive

Acronis Cyber Protect is an innovative cyber protection solution that integrates backup, disaster recovery, next-gen anti-malware, cybersecurity, and endpoint management tools into one service.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is a full stack, next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (ML) based protection against malware, including cryptominers and ransomware.

Acronis Cyber Protect eliminates complexity, improves productivity, and enables partners to efficiently make security a focal point of their portfolio – ensuring their business can meet client expectations for data, applications, and systems security and protection.

“Traditional backup solutions are dead because they are not secure enough, and traditional anti-virus applications do not protect data from modern cyberthreats. Legacy solutions are no longer able to counter the dangers today’s businesses face,” said Acronis Founder and CEO Serguei “SB” Beloussov. “Service providers need to offer their clients integrated cyber protection that covers all Five Vectors of Cyber Protection – safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security. With Acronis Cyber Protect, service providers have the ability to deliver solutions that ensure their clients are #CyberFit and ready to face any new threats.”

With its complete stack of anti-malware protection and comprehensive endpoint management, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud handles advanced cyberthreats with a unique amalgamation of protection technologies while simplifying daily IT operations, endpoints deployment and management and reporting.

Features of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

Auto-discovery of new devicesRemote agent installationDefenses against malware/ransomwarePatch management integrated with backupBackup and disaster recovery
Vulnerability assessmentsBackup and disaster recoveryHard drive health controlMalware quarantineForensic information in backups
Data protection mapUnified protection policies managementDashboards and reportsRescue with bootable mediaRemote desktop

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is the best cyber protection solution – it has been proved.

AV-Test, the respected German security institute known for putting malware security solutions through rigorous testing on a computer running Windows 10 Professional – testing both the status and dynamic detection rates of Acronis Cyber Protect, scanning a set of 6,932 malicious Windows executable (PE) files. Acronis scored perfectly with a verified 100% detection rate, and delivered a perfect result in the lab’s false-positive test, causing zero false positives.

More information about the test is available here.

“Acronis is among the companies on the forefront for integrated data protection and cyber protection,” said Phil Goodwin, Research Director, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group, IDC.We believe that Acronis Cyber Protect is among the most comprehensive attempts to provide data protection and cybersecurity to date.”

Read the complete IDC report here.

“Acronis is directly responsible for saving our company 1200 hours per year for IT operations staff in backup and recovery workflows.” CIO, high performance IT company.
Read details in a report by Forrester.
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Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect by ZNetLive for reseller partners

Acronis Cyber Protect is a single solution to deliver backup, anti-malware, security, and endpoint management capabilities such as vulnerability assessments, URL filtering, and patch management.

Increased ARPU

Broaden your product portfolio by adding a wide range of unique data protection services. Sell cyber protection services to your customers, increase margins and ARPUs with tools to provide proactive assessments of client environments.

Offer Managed Security

Without capital investment, additional overheads or hiring expensive security personnel, enhance your customers’ protection and access other services revenue.

Improved SLA

Meet your SLA requirements – earn your customers’ trust by helping them avoid downtime, ensuring quicker remediation and enabling quick restores as needed.

Time and Cost Saving

Decrease your overheads and increase efficiency with one tool for all tasks – backups, onboarding, managing, monitoring, reporting and assistance. You don’t need new hardware, training or staff.

Reduced Churn Rate

With Acronis Cyber Protect, provide value for money, increase customer satisfaction and simplify renewals. Your existing customer will be happy, and they will come back to you, leading to better financial stability for your business.

Benefits of Acronis Cyber Protect by ZNetLive for customers

Acronis Cyber Protect makes customers more safe and secure.

Data Availability

Take reliable and regular backups of your data automatically and securely store them so that you get them quickly whenever you need them.

Efficient Protection

With single solution integrating malware prevention, data protection and security controls, eliminate complexity from your operations.

Reduced TCO

Better your IT efficiencies, improve performance and internal SLAs to focus on important tasks, with simplified training and reduced maintenance.

Zero Downtime

Avoid costly system downtimes caused by configuration errors, ransomware, faulty hardware and unpatched vulnerabilities.

Quick Restore

Quickly restore your data to any device, including workstations, mobile devices, servers or Virtual Machines, with granular restore, full reimage or Instant Restore.

Your chance to act!

The modern times necessitate new IT approach – one that prepares the business to be secure during the tumultuous times today and secure in the future where we will need to adapt to the new work norms post the pandemic era.

As a single solution with one interface, policies, agent and management console, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can address the growing cybersecurity needs of the businesses today and tomorrow.

Visit Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to know more.

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“Before the Acronis implementation, there was a huge risk that malware could take down our company. Now, with Acronis, I can say that we’ve done everything possible to protect our data from an attack.” CIO, high performance manufacturing company.
Read details in a report by IDC.
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