“Global Cloud Computing Services Market to Reach US$127 Billion by 2017”-Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

It began with the PC era… the vision of a personal computer on every desktop.

Then, came Internet and it changed everything… connecting people to information and to each other by connecting networks, PCs, and servers.

Today, we are in a new era: the cloud era which opens up a new line of IT services that leverage on-demand power and scale to help businesses work more productively and respond to fundamental changes, customer demands and technology use models.

Thus, cloud, an emerging paradigm not only transforms IT for its customers, but changes business model too.

Understanding this very fact, many people are choosing cloud hosting over traditional hosting, so it would be wise for you also to move to cloud hosting.

Cloud growth

Thus, with cloud, get complete range of technology solutions in the form of Microsoft Azure cloud as a platform and Office365-the business productivity suite, as an application and boost your business productivity and substantial revenue.

Exapnad your business with Cloud 5

Get your business better with the right technology-Microsoft Office365 and Azure

Cloud, the modern IT infrastructure delivers host of benefits that helps you adapt more quickly to changing business needs while improving overall efficiency of your business.

ZNetLive’s Azure and Office 365 plans take the load off your shoulders and help you achieve maximum with the resources. Thus, take advantage of a range of support resources across the ZNetLive pillars.

Expand your cloud

Office365-Put your office in your pocketMicrosoft Azure- Grow your business and be more responsive to change
With Skype for Business send instant messages within groups for instant response, conduct online meetings anywhere through unlimited video or audio conferencing, share screens and documents while meetings and more.Reduce capital and operational expenses by spending only on the resources which you use.
Get the most out of your hardware investment with more device options and a familiar experience across multiple devices that requires less training and boosts productivity.
Collaborate, store, share and secure your data, files and documents online and use your familiar, rich Office experience anywhere with OneDrive storage.Adjust to changing business needs by quickly scaling services, tools, and storage as and when business needs shift.
Manage and monitor your team by drilling down into the details of the email messages sent and received by your team members.Access your business globally with just an internet connection as Azure public cloud operates on a continuously expanding global network of datacenters managed by Microsoft across 22 locations worldwide.
Communicate professionally for your business and simplify your official tasks with Microsoft’s business email which enables exchange email technology, cross-device compatibility, smart mail flow, anti-spam filtering and more.Get maximum uptime and assurance of no risk of failure as MS Azure supports automatic failover environment where your site and applications will always be available even in the event of a failure.
Use IT resources more efficiently. Faster setup and deployment, automatic updates, and routine maintenance lets IT focus on more strategic initiatives.Get business intelligence with Microsoft Azure’s services of predictive analytics – Stream Analytics, Cortana Analytics and Machine Learning.
Take smart decisions and explore new business avenues from all your data
Work on any device and on any browser and seamlessly access familiar productive application  tools, whether at the desk or remote.Get the best mix of on-premises and cloud and run your apps in the way that best suits your business.

Thus, if you want to respond more quickly to innovations in IT sector, modernize your business with Cloud.

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