As more and more people and businesses are utilizing internet in more ways than one, security has arisen as a top most concern for everyone with an online presence – be it someone with a basic blogging website that is updated once in a while, an organization with a large scale business website, or an SMB with an e-commerce site involving money transactions.

This concern for security is also reflected in people choices when they opt for online services providers, including web hosts.

Lack of security assessment while choosing your web host can be devastating to businesses and websites, and can result in revenue, customer trust and search engine ranking loss.

What Security Steps are in place at ZNetLive?

There are three key facets of security measure implementation at ZNetLive:

DDoS Protection

With DDoS attacks on a constant rise, DDoS protection for your servers is now a necessity.

ZNetLive’s Web hosting, VPS, and Dedicated Servers have DDoS Protection by default, i.e you don’t have to pay any additional cost for availing the same.

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Our DDoS protection includes both automated and manual detection through a pre-defined set of rules to mitigate small DDoS attacks. If large attacks take place, we disable the IP being attacked so that the rest of the IPs and services on your server continue to operate.

Some salient features of ZNetLive’s DDoS protection are:

  • Automated & manual detection.
  • A defined set of filtering rules.
  • Disabling of IPs being attacked.
  • Mitigation delayed up to 5 minutes.
  • Good for small attacks under 1Gbps.

For customers who need enhanced security for their websites and applications, enterprise DDoS protection can be made available as an add-on.

Note: DDoS protection is available only at ZNetLive’s US Datacenter facility.

More information about ZNetLive’s DDoS protected servers and Web Hosting is available here.

SSL Certificates, Malware, and Phishing Detection

An SSL certificate on your website protects visitor information, secures transactions, and hence boosts customer confidence. Servers with SSL certificates have safe and secure data transfer and are immune to any and all kinds of security breaches.

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Also, with search engine giant Google making it official last week that it will be ranking websites with SSL certificates higher in the search results, getting an SSL certificate now is a must for online presence.

ZNetLive provides FREE SSL certificate with all its services – web hosting, VPS, Reseller Hosting and Dedicated Servers. More information on ZNetLive’s SSL certificate is available here.

Also, bundled with the free SSL certificate that comes with your account are Malware scanning and Phishing detection.

Malware scanning

ZNetLive provides free malware monitoring services powered by StopTheHacker; enabling web hosters, website owners, administrators and web designers to detect malware and recover sites from damaging malware attacks. This service is included as standard with the free SSL Certificate that ZNetLive provides to its customers.

Phishing Compromise Alerts  

Cyber-criminals use your website to host their phishing attack pages by exploiting the vulnerabilities on your web server.

ZNetLive’s Phishing Compromise Alert services powered by NetCraft give you around the clock alerts whenever a phishing page is identified on your website and you are notified of its location in your website.

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This service too is included as standard with the free SSL Certificate that ZNetLive provides to its customers.


A firewall is software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network, and then either blocks it or allows it to pass through to your server, depending on your firewall settings.

Just as a brick wall can create a physical barrier, a firewall creates a barrier between the Internet and your server. It prevents hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your server through a network or the Internet.

The following illustration shows how a firewall works:

how a firewall works

At ZNetLive, we preinstall Firewalls on all our servers. Our Linux servers come pre-installed with CSF Firewall – ConfigServe Firewall and Windows servers with Windows Firewall.

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Note – This post is part of a series post on ZNetLive’s Hosting Experience. Part 1 can be seen here. Part 3 and 4 will be made live soon and will deal with our Enterprise-grade hardware and Value Added Services that come free with our web hosting.

Update- Part 3 is now live.

Update- Part 4 is now live.

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