Office 365: Your Complete Office In The Cloud (2)- Communicate Better & Connect Quickly with Skype for Business

In this quick and fast paced world, we have to juggle lots of priorities in our life, we want everything to be available at our beck and call super quickly and conveniently simultaneously.

This holds especially true for our professional lives where we have to work upon a number of tasks on back breaking deadlines. Thus, we need a solution that can help us to spend more time on solving our problems or tasks at hand rather than finding times to connect to people.

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Office 365 offers a tool called Skype for Business through which you can connect easily, anywhere and everywhere with your colleagues, clients and others, inside office or outside it.

Skype for Business offers a number of features to bring the team together, including but not limited to:

Enhanced Accessibility

Skype for Business provides easy access to calendars and meetings which helps you to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest tasks, be ready to take action and be within short reach of your team.

Office 365 provides this easy access via outlook from where you can check calendars and directly schedule Skype meetings in just few clicks.

It allows you to join or quickly set up meetings from anywhere and from any device.

Reduced Travel & Time Costs with HD Conferencing

Skype for Business helps an organization to decrease overheads by allowing employees to connect with online HD conferencing across the globe.

The contacts can simply join the conference call by clicking from Outlook or through a single click from their smart phone by utilizing Skype for Business Mobile, which is available on iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android, thus, no hassles of calling up the conference center and providing passcode 🙂

Also, on joining an online meeting, multiparty HD video can be conveniently shared among attendees so that it’s like everyone is present in a single room.

Screen Sharing

You get the added capability of sharing your screen, or some relevant document, any presentation or infact, you can share your complete desktop to the meeting audience through Skype for Business to convey your point across to the members in the call.

Digital Whiteboard & Meeting Recording

During the meeting, you can turn the digital whiteboard on, conduct polls, share note-taking and can also record it as well.

Escalation from Voice to Video or Vice-Versa

As Skype for Business allows one to access contacts from outlook, any office file or team share, you can directly escalate to a video or voice call from there in one-click, add more people in and even convert it into a conference call without leaving the IM window. It thus allows you to meet your customers or colleagues from anywhere and anytime whether you are travelling or working remotely.

In order to see how easy it is to have an online meeting with MS Skype for Business, watch this video:

Real Time Monitoring

A number of times you need to ask someone a quick question or send them a piece of information real quick. For this, Skype for Business provides a unique functionality – Presence Indicator, through which you can check the current status of a contact online, whether he is available/ busy/ do not want to be disturbed/ off work and more. This allows you to send them an instant message as soon as possible and get their response quickly.

Synched with Outlook

Since Skype for Business is an integral part of Office 365, you are allowed to see and access your contacts from inside Outlook, any Office file or team share.

You just need to right click on the contact’s name through whom you want to connect and start an IM. You can also share calendars from inside Outlook and find a convenient time for scheduling meetings with a single click and also add online meetings.

All these benefits of Office 365 Skype for Business makes collaboration with employees of your or other organizations a child’s play.

Note: This blog post is the second part of three post series on the features of Office 365. First part  is already live. Third blog post will deal with Cloud Storage –OneDrive for Business.

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