Do you still need a Dedicated Backup Server?

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Do you still need a Dedicated Backup Server

Enterprises, from a very traditional time, have been using standalone backup server architecture. In this, a single server is designated to receive data from thousands of scheduled backup jobs.


This server also performs different backup related jobs like deduplication, compression, updating of files and media databases.

The issue with this is that all these activities consume a lot of resources. To provide applications with high performance within limited compute capacity, they are also placed on the same single server.

By 2020, the accumulated volume of big data will increase from 4.4 zettabytes to roughly 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion GB.

That’s why this server needs to be of high-end configuration.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Backup Server

This aging backup system has many disadvantages. Following are the scariest ones.

  • Since there are a number of systems sending data simultaneously to a single backup server, the server experiences network and compute throttling.
  • When the server runs out of its resources, the organization has no other alternative but to purchase a new and more expensive, powerful server. This adds up to the already complex and costly backup architecture.
  • Maintaining a high-end server for backup translates to high costs for an organization maintaining data backup.
  • Backup server sits idle if the organization is going through a slack phase or at times when the business is slow.
  • Backups must be done on a regular basis to mitigate any risk- natural or man-made, that can result in data loss.

It’s all true about the backup server, right?

Dedicated Backup Server Alternative

With times, many things have completely changed with the coming up of cloud computing. Now there’s no need to have a dedicated backup server.

It is time to modernize your backup strategy with cloud backup.

More commonly called backup to the cloud, it is a comparatively economical and secure option for an organization and comes with scalable resources.

Why should I use Cloud Backup technology?

Let’s jump into the details which matter.

#1 Patented backup system

In backup to cloud, the virtual machine directly sends the data to the cloud backup repository (via encrypted tunnels), eliminating all the hassles and dangers associated with taking data on disk or traveling it from one place to another.

Read about the patents Acronis has won for business data backup.

#2 Scalable resources


Cloud provides the feature of scalability which isn’t with the case of a dedicated backup server. You can scale resources (add a new server or customize existing one) whenever available compute machines or network experience throttling.

#3 High performance

Since the compute resources are available in plenty, the applications perform to their full capability.


Even the hardware used for these machines are modern and equipped with up to date firmware for added performance and security boost.

#4 Secure

I get it! The Cloud Backup solution is not for every business. With a dedicated backup server, there’s just one server to secure, but it needs your regular attention and comes with its own chores and hurdles.

With Acronis backup, you get managed cloud backup services (as offered by ZNetLive) which are equipped with patented security mechanisms to keep your data safe from cybercriminals.

For specific setup, the same backup system can be implemented at your on-premise servers as well.

#5 Cost-effective


Cloud backups work on subscription basis model i.e. on pay per use basis. There is very low entry price point at which you can subscribe and leverage an enterprise backup platform.

#6 Simplicity

Being too busy to worry about backup, is like being too busy driving a car to put on the seatbelt.” – T.E. Ronneberg

Cloud backup solutions are simple to install and comes with a single dashboard for quick management. At minimum efforts, your business backup system can be up and running.

Traditional dedicated backup solutions required time, efforts, management skills and dedicated IT force.

#7 Zero Capex

Since the backup cloud is as a service, you don’t have to make investments in hardware or software. You can stop the service as needed unlike the traditional dedicated backup server, where you pay annual maintenance upfront.

#8 Freedom from management

Cloud backup solutions require almost zero management or maintenance on your part as everything is taken care of by the service provider.

What’s your excuse to use dedicated backup server now?

As you can infer from the points above, today, cloud backup is far superior to maintaining a dedicated backup server.

Allow me to schedule a free demo (drop your name and number on the LiveChat) explaining how Acronis will protect your business, how fast it will be set up and how much it’s going to cost you.

It will be much more efficient, secure and cheaper than maintaining a dedicated backup server.

Do you still want to use a dedicated backup server? I’d love to know more about why you still don’t want to jump to the faster and reliable cloud backup technology.

Anything else to add up from your side? Drop it all in the comment section.

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