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The Need of Launching Cloud Server Hosting and How We went about it

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The online world is rapidly expanding which directly makes way for the web hosting industry to grow at the same pace.

This opportunity to grow also brings at the same time many challenges that ask us web hosting providers to continuously innovate to match up to customers’ changing needs and growing expectations.

Presently the web hosting industry offers multiple solutions for varying needs of a wide range of customers, like shared hosting for startup websites, VPS hosting for fast-growing ones and ultimately dedicated server hosting for established websites getting very high traffic.

Even this vast range of solutions has some shortcomings, like – websites underperform at faraway locations from the server, slow process of resource upscaling and paying even for unutilized resources.

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To counter these limitations faced by our customers, we looked at using cloud technology as a solution, and realized the need of providing cloud servers – which is basically a network of many servers interconnected with each other across the globe (more on this later in the post).

Cloud servers provide solution to the problems mentioned above by avoiding single point of failure, dynamic allocation of resources, pay-per-use billing model and availing enterprise hardware at far economical prices.

How Cloud Servers Work and Their Benefits

We collected several of our enterprise clients’ feedback on conventional servers and areas with scope for improvement. Armed with this feedback and following multiple brain storming sessions with our technical team, we decided to focus upon four key areas where cloud servers can provide a better solution.

  • Universal Server Location

The location of server plays a big role in the optimal performance of websites and applications hosted on it. In conventional web hosting, the servers are confined to a fixed location thus one needs to choose a strategic server location. Due to this confinement of servers, websites and applications do not deliver optimal performance to the distant visitors.

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Cheaper, Faster & Secure Cloud Hosting

Cloud servers present a great solution to this problem. As a cloud server is an interconnected network of many web servers across the globe, so its presence is universal. Using cloud server’s universal location, the websites and applications can use a server nearest to the location of user, thereby delivering the best possible performance throughout the world.

  • Instantaneous Resource Allocation

Availing extra resources as and when the need be is neither instant nor entirely automated in case of conventional servers. It can take a few hours to some days to get the ordered resource installed on your server.

A cloud server is a very big network of resources, which are readily available, as they are pre-installed on servers around the world and this quickens the allocation process. The user can upscale and even downscale them, as and when required to cope up with high and low traffic periods.

  • Pay per use

In the case of conventional servers, you get fixed resources at fixed costs. You pay for a number of resources but there might be some days, when you may not be using the full resources you availed, but you still pay for it. Many a time, though you require some extra resources for a few hours, you still have to pay for the entire month.

Cloud Server employs the pay per use utility model of billing, like that of electricity. You have to pay, only for what you are consuming. If you use any resource, say storage, for 2 hours then you will have to pay only for two hours and not for the entire month.

  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware

The enterprise grade hardware like SAS and SSD storage, Multi-core processors, etc. are surely available with conventional web hosting, but you have to pay a premium price to avail them.

The Enterprise Cloud Servers provide the same top-notch hardware at many economical prices. This is possible by following the model of mass utilization of resources. For example, the facilities you get if you have a personal car-like comfort, cooling and speed can also be availed at an economical price in a Volvo bus. The same concept is used in cloud servers.

ZNetLive Cloud Servers

We decided to launch our own cloud servers so as to provide you with all the above mentioned and many more advantages. Our cloud Servers are at two different locations- India and Globally.

  • Indian Cloud Servers

Our Indian cloud server offering provides most powerful cloud running on Intel’s E5 Xeon V2 processors and SAS storage which delivers predictable and guaranteed performance as that of private virtual datacenters and charges 40% lower than public cloud servers.

  • Global Cloud Servers

With 16 locations worldwide from Washington to Tokyo, superior technology, high availability, complete control along with a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ billing model, you get a high performance platform to host your applications and websites.

Services ZNetLive offers:

Buy Domain Names

Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Server

A lot has been invested in making our cloud servers publicly available, and we’re very happy with the final outcome 🙂

For feedback and suggestions, please use the comments section below.

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