So this post has been due since long. It has been a while since we have been making significant efforts to improve the customer experience at ZNetLive.

Multiple brainstorming sessions, one on one interactions with our end customers, consulting industry experts – we’re doing it all to figure out ways in which we can streamline the customer experience.

While the process is ever going, there has been one key takeaway that we thought demanded swift execution – our customers need a person, a single-point-of-contact, whom they can rely upon for any and all assistance ZNetLive related.

Understanding Web Hosting Support

There is one fact everyone who has been a part of the web hosting industry will unanimously agree to – web hosting thrives on quality support. Support is what is instrumental in the success or failure of a good web host, and exceptional support is how a good web host differentiates itself from an ordinary one.

The nature of the web hosting industry is such that things are bound to go wrong at times – be it hardware, software or network. While every effort is taken to pre-empt mishaps, the fact is that they do happen.

What matters then is that if and when something goes wrong, the support team should rise to the occasion, take action, do the best it can to resolve the issue, and most importantly, timely and continuously communicate with customers.

The Need for Personal Touch

ZNetLive and every other good web host does check all the above boxes, and leaves no stone unturned to assist a customer; this is what keeps us running. Still, there is something amiss.

As a web host grows, so does its customer base, and so do the number of “queries” – which spawn across multiple departments – billing, support, sales, CRM.

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This can at times be confusing for a new customer who just wants to have his simple query addressed to/resolved and simply does not know who the right person to contact is.

Also, the workload on each of the above departments at any big web host is huge, and sometimes there might be a delay in addressing the issue, which might ultimately be disappointing for the customer.

Introducing Dedicated Account Managers

It was hence decided to provide each customer with a “single-point of contact”, someone who is readily available for anything ZNetLive related at all times. And what better way for us to demonstrate the extent we go to assist our customers?

Dedicated Account Managers - ZNetLive

What Is A Dedicated Account Manager?

At ZNetLive, your Dedicated Account Manager is your single point of contact for all the sales related queries, be it service renewals, product upgrades or information on our entire product portfolio and what best fits for your needs.

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He understands your needs exactly and makes available to you the right services and resources accordingly.

You can also escalate to him the issues related to billing and support that aren`t getting timely response and he will do his best by coordinating with the respective departments and have your concern looked into.

What Does It Mean To Have A Dedicated Account Manager?

• Ready availability: Whenever and wherever you’re stuck, you have a person at ZNetLive who is always ready to go the extra mile to make things easy for you.

• Sound advice: The key role of a dedicated account manager is to give you the best advice. All our account managers have years of industry experience, and are well-trained to understand your needs inside out.

You’ll never get a “one-size-fits-all” solution from us. Your dedicated account manager will ensure that you receive a custom tailored service that perfectly fits your needs.

• Consistency: Your dedicated account manager has complete information about your association with ZNetLive. The first service you registered, your billing history, your upcoming renewals, any support issues you had faced in the past – your dedicated account manager has everything on his tips and can hence always assist you best.

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This is just one of the multiple steps that are underway to improve the customer experience. I’d personally love to hear what you think of this new system. Should you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, we’d love to understand more on how we can help you best.

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