What is an Electronic Signature?


It is the digital representation of a person’s handwritten signature or a symbol or code used to sign electronic documents or transactions.

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5 Characteristics of Electronic Signatures

Kelly Sikkema

1. Digital Representation

An electronic signature can take various forms, including a scanned image of a handwritten signature. etc.

2. Authentication

Electronic signatures are often linked to the identity of the person signing the document. 

3. Intent

By signing electronically, the individual signifies their intention to agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the document.

4. Non-repudiation

Electronic signatures are designed to make it difficult for the signer to deny their involvement

5.  Tamper-evident

After a document has been signed, these are intended to identify any unlawful changes or adjustments made to it.

Kelly Sikkema

To Know in Detail about the  5 Characteristics of Electronic Signatures