Zoho Meetings

A flexible web conferencing solution for holding online meetings and webinars is called Zoho Meeting.


The modern workplace can frequently benefit more from timely online conferences than face-to-face on-site encounters due to the growing use of online business software and remote working practices.

 5 Tips to make Online Zoho Meetings run effectively

Make a plan and follow it. 

Without a fundamental framework, a meeting could devolve into a disorganized muddle 

Keep it brief

Divide your online conference into segments if it will last more than 45 to 60 minutes.

Avoid multitasking

Online meetings can be the ideal occasion for certain attendees to complete other duties, therefore avoid them.

Opt for a peaceful setting

Take yourself, your laptop, or your smartphone to a quiet location during meetings out of respect for other attendees

Learn about the platform

No matter the platform, acquaint yourself with it before a meeting and never while it is taking place.

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