Data  Security  Challenges  In Cloud Computing 

In the cloud computing environment, data security becomes even more important as most of the organizational and individual data is placed in the cloud.


According to a report by Dimension Research, 87% of respondents agree that a lack of cloud visibility obscures security threats to their organization.

Lack of visibility


Cloud service providers offer  APIs to their customers to manage cloud service. If these APIs are broken or exposed, then it may lead to major data breaches. 

Insecure APIs


The risk of data breaches ranks as a top concern among cloud users. It results from poor key management, weak passwords, and lax security authentication.

Data Breaches


The lack of visibility and control creates compliance challenges in cloud computing. Especially in sectors like finance, banking and healthcare.

Regulatory Compliance Complexity


Companies worry that cyber attackers would easily penetrate the cloud than legacy systems. One severe cyber attack has the power to cause huge data loss.

Cyber attacks

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