“84% of CIOs cut application costs by moving to the cloud”-Business Insider

With the rapidly changing trends of the industry, businesses hosted on high performing hosting solution -dedicated hosting too needs upgradation to the more efficient and new technology – public cloud.

Moreover public cloud adoption is accelerating and is considered best for certain use cases like, if the need arises for decreased hardware costs, immediate scalability of resources, redundant environment and increased accessibility.

Let’s elaborate the key reasons indicative of a transformational shift from dedicated server to cloud hosting.

1. Maximum utilization of resources with decreased costs

Dedicated server no doubt, is an ideal hosting solution, but you have to pay a consistent and high amount for its features and resources, irrespective of their actual utilization. But with Microsoft Azure you do not have to bear high capital costs as it has the flexibility of resource- based billing i.e. you are billed for the resources which you actually consume.

Moreover, public cloud servers also eliminate the need of upgradation as you can get maximum out of your existing IT system.

Thus, if your business wants to reduce both capex and opex and needs a cost effective web- hosting solution, move it to the public cloud.

2. Easy adaption to the changing business climate

If you want your business to grow in real terms, then, key to its success is its ability to accommodate substantial influx and efflux of traffic immediately or else, it will crash and burn.

Dedicated hosting allows you to scale as per your business needs but it has some rigid specifications which makes scaling a cumbersome and time- consuming task.

But with public cloud server you can prepare your business to quickly upscale and downscale resources- computing, storage, and networking capabilities, that too without breaking the bank for costly upgrades to the existing IT infrastructure.

Thus, this utility billing model tied with scalability is more effective hosting solution than dedicated hosting.

3. Automatic failover environment

Certain components like physical disks, power equipment, and memory units can give up some time, resulting in the downtime of your site, impeding success of your business and substantial loss in revenue.

Thus, understanding the importance of uptime of “five nines”(99.999 percent of the time) your business needs to upgrade to cloud hosting from dedicated server because when dedicated server experiences downtime due to CPU or disk space upgrades or hardware failures, you have no other option, besides, to shut down.

But it is not the case with public cloud because cloud structure is built inherently with fail-first mentality -redundancy and fault tolerance which ensures that your site and applications are always available even in the event of a failure, as they have multiple components to share the load of failed component. Also, you can add CPU power and disk space while the server is running.

4. Global access to business

With dedicated server, your business is confined to one place and you cannot run applications globally but public cloud service makes your business accessible from any location via an internet connection because it is the set of interconnected servers.

This provides remote access to your IT infrastructure, online document collaboration. For example, you can access data from home or while enjoying a vacation with Office 365-a business productivity suite that enables faster working and flexibility in work practices from different locations.

5. Backup and privacy of critical data

Dedicated Server to Public Cloud

With dedicated server, you need to make arrangements for the storage and backup on your own and that too till limited extent and resources.

But with Public cloud you need not worry for uploads and storage of important data, files, documents, videos which you can access globally with Microsoft One Drive.

Data is backed up automatically by Azure public cloud which facilitates easy maintenance of backup and privacy of the critical data.

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