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Guest Post Guidelines :

  1. Content should be well-researched and have a voice.
  2. Content should include links to citation sources.
  3. It should be written in a conversational style.
  4. Of course, it should be free of plagiarism and grammatical mistakes.
  5. Graphics submitted in the post should not violate any copyright laws.
  6. Link inclusion for SEO/affiliate purposes should be avoided.
  7. Content should be formatted properly among sub-headings, bullets, etc.
  8. Content should have at least 700-words length.
  9. You should share the post on your social profiles once it’s published.
  10. Once your article is published on the ZNetLive blog, it shouldn’t be published elsewhere.
  11. We would appreciate it if you can submit three creative titles for the content.


Guest Post Submission guidelines:

  • Submission should be made using your work email only.
  • Upload (or write directly) article on Google Drive/One Drive and share its link. Make sure we have permission to access the file.
  • Do mention your LinkedIn and Twitter profile links as they will be mentioned in your author profile.

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