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ZNetLive customer speaks: How I Fell in Love With Cloud Storage

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“I’ve been using ZNetLive’s High Availability Cloud Servers for nearly 3 years now, and I have to admit… I’m in love.”

…But I wasn’t always such a big fan.

When cloud storage first appeared on my radar, I wasn’t all that interested in giving it a shot.

Sure, it would be nice to be able to access photos, videos, and other files from any device, but there were a few things that made me nervous.

  • I figured services would get me in at one price and then sucker me into an upsell. I hate that.
  • I was nervous about not being able to have access if the internet was down.
  • I did not trust cloud security to protect my files.

Obviously, ZNetLive was able to overcome my reservations because I now host more than 5 TB of data every month on ZNetLive’s cloud servers and haven’t looked back.

To understand how I got here, it helps to zoom out and get a better sense for the cloud storage industry as a whole.

2019 marks the anniversary of a love affair that began 10 years ago…

It was slow to start, as all lasting loves do, but it has revolutionized the business. This affair is with cloud storage, and it’s never too late for you to succumb to its charms.

What is Cloud Storage, and Where Cloud Servers Fit In?

In short, it’s off-site, virtual storage that allows files to be accessed anywhere, day or night.

ZNetLive’s virtual environment allows you to store any kind of data without having to fill up the sometimes-limited constraints of your computer or mobile device.

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There are four types of cloud storage, public, personal, private, and hybrid, each designed to meet specific needs and budgets.

Public Cloud Storage – places your data files in a virtual storage center that are shared with other clients. Economical, but you have less storage capacity, and all of the controls except for access are up to the service provider.

Personal Cloud Storage – is also sometimes called mobile cloud storage. Data files and images are uploaded to the cloud and made accessible to any authorized user to or from any mobile device.

Cloud service providers like ZNetLive offer Linux Cloud Servers, which allow you to run applications, share photos, and secure files from anywhere in the world.

Private Cloud Storage – requires on-site infrastructure. This is for enterprises that need more flexibility and control over their computing environment, and it’s the most expensive option.

Hybrid Cloud Storage – combines the best features of personal and public cloud solutions. It’s less expensive than a private cloud but offers higher storage capacity and more features than public service. This still is more high-powered than most families need.

Here are the 5 main benefits I’ve realized after switching to ZNet’s Cloud Servers:

#1 The cloud is a spacious place

Remember the days when storage was limited to whatever physical disk space was on your computer?

Data had to be deleted to make more room or transferred to a disk or peripheral device.

Those days are gone with ZNetLive’s generous 2 TB of cloud storage – that’s terabytes and you’re going to have trouble filling it up.

One of the most alluring aspects of the service is the ability to upload huge files of nearly any filetype (not all cloud storage providers are so generous), as well as run any type of software, so long as it meets the technical specifications.

#2 Better security

Some people might be concerned that their data is vulnerable hanging out in cyberspace. However, the ZNetLive solution includes built-in security features that don’t cost extra.

Not only is there password protection, TLS/SSL encryption technology, and automatic file backups, you can choose an additional encryption layer if you like. More on that later.

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By moving your data to ZNetLive, you actually improve security because your data will be protected if mobile devices are lost or stolen.

#3 Cross-platform integration

Today’s average human being is on the move, using different devices at different times and for different purposes, but wants to be able to access data no matter where they are or which device they’re holding.

When you opt for ZNetLive cloud storage, you get cross-platform integration that puts files at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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Companies like it for the ease of collaboration between offices or professionals, but family members love that they can share images of their life on the move.

Best of all, it means no more dragging extra disks and other accessories around.

#4 The cloud makes life and work easy

ZNetLive’s cloud services are not restricted for personal use only. Small businesses have fallen in love with the scalability.

You start out at one level of storage and then demand rises as your needs change. You want to grow and increase revenue streams, but you want to be able to do it without also investing in additional physical storage space.

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Need to register more domains, add security layers, buy new equipment, hardware space, build a website, or upgrade your software?

This can all be done in the cloud. You don’t need to be a technical wiz to simplify your work and personal life in the cloud.

Here’s a useful analogy: what companies like WordPress and Wix are to web development, the cloud is to file storage.

#5 Cost and time savings

Unless there’s a reason to purchase and maintain hardware and install infrastructure on-site, ZNetLive storage allows you to do without all of that.

You can reduce overhead in terms of equipment purchase or lease.

Since ZNetLive handles security, equipment or software upgrades, and maintenance, there’re fewer expenses for you to incur.I’m not saying cloud storage solutions are perfect.

For example, bandwidth can be limited by the packages offered by some hosting providers, but ZNetLive’s allotment of storage space is pretty generous.

Need more? You can always upgrade and pay for more space as needed.

That said, the advantages of cloud computing extend beyond mere cost and storage savings.

The Bottom Line

While we’re not here to twist your arm and say you must switch to cloud storage, don’t overlook the advantages listed too quickly just because the idea is kind of new.

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And if you still run down to the last street corner in America with a public payphone every time you need to make a call, we’ll check back with you in 50 years.

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