What is .com Domain name?

COM is the most widely recognized TLD globally. Representing the term "commercial", the .COM domain extension has evolved into a powerhouse of web presence; today it remains by far the most popular choice for websites. Gracing over half of all domains on the internet, this versatile suffix is both recognizable and widely accepted - an ideal option for just about any online organization or venture from blogs to businesses that want their digital platform to reach as many people as possible.

You should feel lucky if you can get the desired .COM domain name for your website.

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Why .COM Domain name?

Your online identity is as important as your real-life identity

  • Your website gets better and authentic recognition with a .COM domain.
  • Having .COM as a domain name extension gives a professional look to your website.
  • Your visitors trust you with this domain.

.COM Domain Pricing

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.COM Bulk Domain Registration

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FAQs about .COM Domain

  • Is .com the right domain for me?

    Owning a .com domain is the key to building credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness as an entrepreneur. This worldwide symbol of success unlocks access to global customers and potential partners while giving your business that invaluable ‘stamp’ of recognition on the web. Make sure you make it count!

  • Is .com domain free?

    No, you can get a .COM domain name for your business or website at just INR 913.50 from ZNetLive. With it, you get a host of free add-ons. 

  • Why .com domain is so popular?

    The .com Top Level Domain (TLD) is one of the original set of TLDs, launched alongside other renowned extensions such as .edu and .gov. Uniquely designed for commercial purposes from its inception, it has become synonymous with online activities and remains a go-to extension for many websites across the world today!

  • Is .com domain best for SEO?

    We can say so. With .com being the oldest and most frequently used domain suffix, it is unsurprisingly favored by search engines. Though alternative domains exist and are still searchable on these engines, for maximum visibility of your website it is highly recommended to use a .com TLD if available. 

  • What is .com domain registration process?

    When you've settled on the perfect domain name, run it through your search bar to ensure no one else has already claimed it. Then add the unique selection to your cart and follow the instructions necessary to register it- in no time at all, you'll be ready to enjoy that exciting online journey ahead of you!

  • What is .com domain price in India?

    You can check the .com domain pricing given on this page. ZNetLive also provides the option to register .com domain names in bulk. 

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