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About Personal domain names

When your website is about you, your TLD shall reflect the same.

Available TLDs in Personal domains category Register
Let your visitors know that your business runs in India.
.com Register
COM is the most widely used TLD globally. You`ve got to feel lucky if you can avail this one.
.party Register
Bring fun and excitement in your boring life with this newly launched .party TLD. Order it now!
.cricket Register
Are you a huge fan of this popular sport? Then this .cricket TLD is meant for you.
.engineer Register
Register the latest .engineer domain now!
.casa Register
Don’t wait and get register your .casa domain now!
.green Register
“Go green”, spread this message with the .green top-level domain. Book yours now!
.fashion Register
Take your step towards new .fashion domain now!
.flowers Register
Make your occasion special with new “.flowers” domain. Get registered today!
.dentist Register
Are you professionally a dentist? If yes, then pick this domain name for your website. Book now!
.garden Register
Book latest .garden gTLD now!
.me Register
- For business or fun — this domain has personality. Tell your story on the Internet with .ME — the Top-Level Domain that's all about you, your product, your world!
.wedding Register
The new .Wedding domain extension, the new address for wedding on the web.
.love Register
.love top level domain is the perfect for valentine's day,dating website and websites associated with love.
.vote Register
.VOTE provides a recognizable TLD which is basically for the purpose of voting.
.gives Register
The.GIVES Top Level Domain is perfect extension for websites with charity and philanthropic purposes. It can be used by companies to promote their giving campaigns.
.men Register
If you feel that your business focus is on male accessories, merchandise which is exclusively designed for men, can go for. MEN TLD.
.airforce Register
.AIRFORCE TLD is a great fit for air force veterans, active personnel, family members, and support organizations. It will allow you to easily connect to millions of air force personnel and organizations globally. Get your new .Airforce domain name today!
.coach Register
Find the perfect new name for your coaching website. Get Started today by grabbing domain name extension. Perfect for personal trainers and sports coaches and all those who want to market their skills, deliver personalized training plans and schedule practice sessions for others.
.memorial Register
The .memorial domain name extension provides a specific and unique namespace dedicated to memorials, obituaries and tributes honoring the great events / people in the history.
.biz Register
.biz is intended for registration of domains to be used by businesses.
.guru Register
Showcase your skills with a .guru domain.
.co Register
.co domain is a global, credible, and memorable extension for your online presence.
.net Register
As one of the most popular domain names, .net offers the credibility you need to position your business for success.
.stream Register
.Stream TLD is exclusively designed for consumers looking to Stream entertainment.
.wang Register
Specifically for the Chinese users, book the newly launch .wang domain now.
.pet Register
PET domain name extension is the perfect choice for the pet lovers and pet focused industries. With .pet domain name anyone with a business in the pet industry can show his/her area of expertise, adoption agencies and rescue centers can enhance their reach to a wider set of audience.
.rodeo Register
The .rodeo top-level domain is to offer rodeo riders, fans, associations and other rodeo participants the opportunity to purchase and use a specific identity online.
.creditcard Register
The new domain extension .creditcard will offer the credit businesses and credit card organizations new domain name extension.
.hiphop Register
.HIPHOP which serves to be a specialized Top Level Domain , immediately conveys the purpose for which the user is seeking to access a particular site.
.guitars Register
Are you a guitar enthusiast, guitar retailer, or guitar teacher? Pre-register for a domain name in the .guitar TLD and get ready to create a unique space online.
.juegos Register
The websites about games & game reviews have become extremely popular these days. The new .juegos tld will allow game developers and game businesses to create extremely targeted websites.
.space Register
.space is a flexible domain name which gives you freedom to brand yourself. Freelancers, professionals, and hobbyists and all those who want to showcase their skills and highlight their commitment to their passions, should buy it now!
.business Register
The .business Top Level Domain is an ideal location for a website, blog or email about your business. You can register .business to brand your online portfolio, partnership, blog or corporation.
.help Register
The Help domain name is an excellent namespace for all individuals, organizations and companies who offer their help to people who need it, for free or paid.
.career Register
.career domain name is the best option for attracting fresh talent for your new/existing company/venture.
.lgbt Register
The .LGBT domain name creates an online hub for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities to join together globally.
.pro Register
Expand your domain name portfolio with .pro, the exclusive top-level domain for professionals.
.name Register
Get a .name domain site as a hub for all your social networking profile`s better control, consistency and easy access. Register domains are intended for personal use.So get your website personalized by getting a domain
.democrat Register
Identify your political standing with a .democrat Top Level Domain! It's ideal for candidates, organizations, fundraising, and supporters.
.ninja Register
Showcase your skills and expertise online in a unique way with a great .ninja TLD.
.kim Register
.Kim is an all new namespace for the common surname, and is perfect for personal blogs and business sites.
.actor Register
Fans, actors, actresses, and film enthusiasts are all welcome in the .ACTOR Top Level Domain. Register your .ACTOR Top Level Domain with ZNetLive.
.org Register
If you`re a non-profit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO), a .org domain name is the best way to identify yourself on the web.
.info Register
Have an informational website? Get .info.
.studio Register
.Studio is a memorable and easy web address to understand the market of beauty and fitness studios, creative studios, and media & entertainment sector
.vip Register
.VIP TLD is the new extension which is exclusive designed for celebrities and prominent personalities
.salon Register
. Salon domain is the best way to advertise your salon and spa business.
.archi Register
Great chance for Architectural community to choose .archi extension which is relevant to their community .
.shop Register
Give a dedicated space to your e commerce business on the internet by registering .SHOP extension.
.in Register
Buy .in - India's own domain name and let your website visitors know that you are based in India. It can also be used for “internet”. You can use a .in domain to target audience from India and let them know that you specifically cater to the Indian audience.
.family Register
This Unique domain can be used by people worldwide to create 2nd level domain name extension that includes their family Surname.
.travel Register
.tours Register