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About Real Estate domain names

If you want to create a website for your real estate business, you've got to have a name that tells your website visitors upfront what you're all about.

Available TLDs in Real Estate domains category

.loans Register
Borrowing and lending money becomes easier online with the newly introduced .LOANS domain extension
.site Register
Nowadays every new business start-ups are seeking for a trendy new URL and their search ends on .Site TLD.
.me Register
- For business or fun — this domain has personality. Tell your story on the Internet with .ME — the Top-Level Domain that's all about you, your product, your world!
.market Register
Deal the market updates using the new .market gTLD. Book yours now!
.casa Register
Don’t wait and get register your .casa domain now!
.auction Register
The newly introduced .auction domain name extension will provide a clear and meaningful namespace online, for auction-based websites.
.mortgage Register
Book your first .mortgage domain here!
.com Register
COM is the most widely used TLD globally. You`ve got to feel lucky if you can avail this one.
.forsale Register
.forsale provides a unique, relevant and memorable TLD so that you can find the right seller/ buyer online.
.property Register
The .property gTLD is among the most powerful TLD that’ll for sure revolutionize the online presence of the real estate industry.
.immo Register
The .immo domain name is aimed at businesses, organizations, associations, government/ non-government organizations operating in the real estate sector. Register
Let your visitors know that your business runs in India.
.net Register
As one of the most popular domain names, .net offers the credibility you need to position your business for success.
.co Register
.co domain is a global, credible, and memorable extension for your online presence.
.biz Register
.biz is intended for registration of domains to be used by businesses.
.builders Register
Brand your website as building or construction focused with easily identifiable .builders domain name. All those who are passionate about building can share their passion with the. builders TLD.
.land Register
The .land domain extension is not limited to the real estate market however, and is expected to be very popular in the construction of creative website addresses.
.estate Register
For those who work in real estate or estate law, .estate is the perfect TLD option.
.house Register
.house top-level domain will create new naming opportunities for house owners, real estate Industry and everyone who wants to have their own house.
.maison Register
.maison is perfectly suited for the retail and housing marketing sector.
.condos Register
Create the perfect website for real estate with a .condos domain.
.tienda Register
As the Spanish word for “stores,” .TIENDA is the perfect domain for any retail business that wants to connect with Spanish-speaking consumers across the globe
.villas Register
.villas is the most sought after TLD for those in the business of real estates.
.rentals Register
For websites and businesses that specialize in rentals.
.lease Register
.lease domain can help you advertise to customers.
.services Register
No matter what service you provide, you can find your customers quicker with .services
.properties Register
The all new namespace for the real estate community
.contractors Register
.contractors is now available for all the professional contractors.
.partners Register
The most relevant TLD for business partners, company partnerships, city partnerships, or partners in ventures, projects or in personal endeavors.
.agency Register
This TLD is useful for businesses and organizations that identify themselves as an agency or an agent.
.ventures Register
Promote your big idea and get noticed online with the brand new .ventures domain name.
.company Register
For businesses with "company" in the name, or for groups that identify as a company, .company offers a TLD targeted to enhance user visibility .
.associates Register
Help your organization stand out from the crowd with a new .associates domain name.
.enterprises Register
Share about your business with the new .enterprises web extension. Register is the domain extension for India. Get 1 if you are based in India
.limited Register
The Perfect TLD for Limited Companies and Partnerships.
.build Register
.Build is helping the Construction Industry Build Better with domain names for business.
.immobilien Register
.IMMOBILIEN brings together German-speaking real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, insurance firms and individuals online.
.haus Register
Register your .haus domain name extension that is the German name for house.
.town Register
Perfect for travel websites, the new.TOWN general top level is available to be registered at ZNetLive. This domain extension is best for businesses, municipalities, governments, and all those entities that want to associate themselves with the “town”.
.org Register
If you`re a non-profit organization or non-governmental organization (NGO), a .org domain name is the best way to identify yourself on the web.
.info Register
Have an informational website? Get .info.
.vip Register
.VIP TLD is the new extension which is exclusive designed for celebrities and prominent personalities
.in Register
Buy .in - India's own domain name and let your website visitors know that you are based in India. It can also be used for “internet”. You can use a .in domain to target audience from India and let them know that you specifically cater to the Indian audience.
.cloud Register
A .cloud domain name is best suited for cloud business and the websites/blogs related to cloud. By registering a .cloud domain, you can distinguish your cloud business and make it stand out from the crowd.
.icu Register
Its the short form of " I SEE You"
.travel Register