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What is .tech Domain name?

.tech domain name extension is the ideal choice for any website, whether personal or business, dedicated to technology. A perfect TLD for the tech and gaming companies, robotics and AI start-ups, and all tech enthusiasts working in the tech industry like, web developers, system administrators, information security analysts, and also those involved in tech education and training.

.tech Domain name

Why .tech Domain name?

Ideal extension for your technology website

  • The technology industry is growing at a very fast pace. So industries can create a credible and appealing image with a .tech TLD.
  • .tech domain name extension is perfect for technology-based industries, like software and hardware development, research and development firms, and anyone who loves to share their ideas about technological innovations and updates.

.TECH Domain Pricing

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.TECH Bulk Domain Registration

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FAQs about .TECH Domain

  • Is .tech a legit domain?

    Yes, the .tech domain is entirely legitimate and many websites have seen an abundance of traffic as a result of using it. This unique online address offers users a chance to stand out from the crowd when creating their own successful technology website.

  • How to register .tech domain name?

    To register a .tech domain name, first check in the Domain Name Search box given on this page if your desired name is available. On confirmation that it’s available, add any additional products you would like in your shopping cart and proceed with the order confirmation.

  • What is .tech domain for?

    .tech is the perfect online extension for those at the cutting edge of technology, ranging from passionate enthusiasts to experienced professionals. It provides a premium web identity and allows individuals or organizations to create an impactful presence in today's digital world.

  • Why is .tech domain so costly?

    The demand for .tech domains is ever-increasing, as software developers, businesses and tech communities are launching in great numbers. Fortunately, not all domain registrars have increased prices due to this popular trend – like ZNetLive allows you to get this valuable option at a very affordable price point.

  • Is .tech domain good for SEO?

    A .tech extension can be a powerful way to represent your tech company online, without having any ill effects on searchability. The .tech domain extension is reliable, comes with good privacy protection, is easy to remember, and can be obtained easily!

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