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Our wide range of cloud options can help you build and manage a highly available, and high performing IT infrastructure, capable of meeting your dynamic business needs. Our cloud management as a service includes taking care of technical support, system management tasks, including your backups, upgrades, resource management, system hardening and more. So, unlock the potential of cloud and ignite your business growth with us.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible and enterprise grade cloud management system which gives you the flexibility to scale and pay as you need. With Azure, you can get things done faster, run your applications anywhere, leverage your existing IT and make smart decisions with predictive analytics.

OpenStack is an open-source software platform for building clouds. It gives you the power to control and manage your storage and network resources through a web based dashboard. It is deployed mostly as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and is the only open source cloud platform supported by every IT industry veteran.
Amazon Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers cloud infrastructure services ranging from compute, network, storage and analytics to build rich cloud platform. Our Amazon cloud support enables businesses to grow and scale flexibly and effectively.

Virtuozzo is a virtualization tool that arms you with hyperconverged integrated systems (HCIS) and enables you to deploy containers, hypervisors, storage, virtual machines, backups, image management, and automation tools via a single management console.

OnApp is a cloud management system that supports multiple hypervisor technologies, operating systems, billing applications, multiple cloud deployment models, enabling you to build special cloud services. It has industry's most intuitive and flexible UI.

Why ZNetLive cloud support services?

B'coz we are the one stop destination for all your cloud needs.

Load balancing
Load balancing
Evenly distributed workloads and traffic are the keys to high performance levels. With our load balancers, you get improved overall performance of your applications, better fault tolerance along with auto scalability. We ensure that your applications remain up and running even when one or more servers become unavailable.
High availability management
High availability management
Decreased downtime and eliminated single points of failure are important for your business, so that it can respond to every request made by the user. We assure you a high level of operational performance for a given period of time. We keep a close tab on your system and resolve any issue that can affect your system's high availability proactively.
Cluster management
Cluster management
Managing cluster environment is a time-consuming and costly process for many data centers. Our cloud support services come with cluster management that makes it easy to deploy, monitor and manage your clusters effectively. With our cluster management, you can consolidate disparate cluster infrastructures, easily manage scalability, be productive and optimize your resources.
Virtual Machine provisioning
Virtual Machine provisioning
We simplify server provisioning and management of allocation of resources with instant services. With our ready to work environment, your customers will be able to set up their accounts quickly and manage them too.
Emergency administration and monitoring
Emergency administration and monitoring
We monitor health of your infrastructure proactively, to resolve issues like network congestion, RAID errors etc. before they can affect your service quality. We assure a healthy server environment at all times.
Round the clock support
Round the clock support
With us, you can maintain a responsive technical support channel over live chat and help desk, 24X7. Be it resource upgrade, boot error fixing, cluster management, balancing workloads, we are always there to assist you, with care.

How to proceed?

Ready to spin- Go ahead
Define Requirements and Get Your Desired Cloud Solution.
The technical experts at ZNetLive will work with you to create a cloud solution to meet your exact business requirement. It may comprise one or more cloud platforms. These experts will also help design your Cloud Infrastructure from the naught. The support team will also work alongside technical team so that the right assistance can be provided at the right time. Your plan will outline:
  • Cost efficient and scalable storage for any type of unstructured data

  • Global access with single infrastructure (REST-based object storage)

  • Maximum flexibility for improved application performance

  • Superior data integrity and access to updated versions

Optimize Your IT Environment
We can help you optimize your cloud and IT environment by implementing an unbreakable cycle of monitoring and reporting, so as to maximize the performance and efficiency of your IT systems while taking care to keep your costs to a minimum. This will help you to:
  • Get visibility into your systems with reports and maintain transparency in operations.

  • Optimize resources, utilize them better and reduce costs.

  • Employ DR methods, get assisted failover and thereby minimize downtime and be armed in case of any unforeseen event.

  • Minimize manual errors with increased automation.

Let Us Manage Your Cloud
Depending upon your defined business requirements, we will leverage our cloud management services, so that:
  • You get the best for your business.

  • Resources are scaled and released as per the requirement.

  • TAT for events and issues is managed.

  • Scalability is taken care of as per the solution's resource requirement.

  • Implementation of systems' monitoring including performance, security and SLA.

  • Procedures are set per defined escalation policies.

  • Automation for zero error and cost control.