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Data Factory Powered by Azure

An integration service for cloud data to manage & transform it for insights
High Throughput and Low Latency
Data integration
Data is very important for any company to carry on its operational tasks. For this, it needs to collect data from various available sources and create a pool of information from where it can draw inferences. The Azure Data factory has the ability to ingest data from all the sources including data from both on-premises and cloud-data stores.
Redis Replication Support
Data-driven workflows
With the help of Azure Data Factory, you can compose and schedule various data-driven workflows, also known as the data pipelines which ingest data from multiple data stores and later process it to support BI functionalities.
Multiple Tier Availability
Automated data movement
The entire process of collecting data, processing and publishing is performed as a regular activity and results in orchestration and automation of the data movement across various workloads.
Easy Management
Analytical inferences
The data is processed using various cloud computing services like Azure HDInsight Hadoop, Azure Data Lake Analytics, Spark, and Azure Machine Learning which can be used later for drawing various business intelligence analytics.
An IntroductionData Factory

How Azure Data Factory works?

Couple and Assimilate

Azure Data Factory couples data from all discrete sources like SaaS applications, file storgae, web services or FTP and brings it into a centrally managed place from where it can be used for further processing. It has the ability to take data from both on-premise and cloud based data stores that makes it more beneficial.

Process and Improve

The data which is collected in the centralized cloud based data store can be further processed using various cloud services like HDInsight Hadoop, Data Lake Analytics and Spark. Such services help to generate reliable data on a manageable, controlled schedule for sending to production environments.


The transformed data can now be delivered from the cloud data store to on-premise sources like SQL server or other cloud storage devices which can be used per requirement by analytical and buinsess intelligence tools.

Why Azure from ZNetLive?

Customized Infrastructure

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Multi-tier support system

ZNetLive provides a multi-tier support system with its NodeFirst Support system that provides constant support to you when you need technical help.
99.9% Network uptime

ZNetLive provides a guaranteed monthly network uptime of 99.9% to its Azure customers blended with industry - respected, financially backed SLA.
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