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Benefits of Database Management

A better way to manage your application database

High security and availability of data
High security and availability of data
Data stored in a database management system is secured from any unauthorized user access. Only users with authentic rights can access the data, hence it is saved from any manipulation and misuse.
Easy sharing of data
Easy sharing of data
Data stored in a DBMS can be easily shared by authorized users of an enterprise. The DB administrator has the right to give access to users based on their relativity with the data. A single piece of data can be accessed by many users simultaneously. It also facilitates data sharing among different applications.
Data redundancy and consistency
Data redundancy and consistency
A single repository of data which integrates data of the complete organization at one place reduces the chances of data redundancy or duplicity. Thus, a DBMS helps you in ensuring data consistency as well, as any data update is immediately available to the users.
High integration capabilities
High integration capabilities
DBMS stores data in tables and allows creation of multiple constraints and relationships between tables. These high integration capabilities make data retrieval and update easy.
Defined database backup and recovery process
Defined database backup and recovery process
Unlike a traditional file based data storage, DBMS does not require manual backup of data. Most of the providers use backup and recovery as sub systems, in order to facilitate automatic creation of the backup files and options of recovery when required.
Centralized data management
Centralized data management
Large organizations require robust data management system to manage their big pool of data and information. A DBMS system provides them a centralized way of storing data with better integration capabilities, easy sharing and security of data stored.

Databases Supported by ZNetLive's Database Management Service

DBMS services by ZNetLive include a wide array of technologies, including Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB and more.


Originally a relational database model, Oracle database system is one of the most trusted and accepted models of relational database.
  • Application development and information management.

  • High availability of data and information.

  • High performance standards and industry compliance.

  • Easy manageability and migration capabilities.


MSSQL database is a relational database by Microsoft. It is primarily a software based product with the role of retrieving and storing data as per user request.
  • It supports administrative tasks for the SQL server.

  • It provides an integrated framework for SQL server engine management and database authoring.

  • Real time analytical processing.

  • High availability and DR practices.


MySQL is a primary component of LAMP. It is an open source web application software stack. Features include:
  • Wide set of parameters for cross platform application support.

  • Capability to update versions easily.

  • High integration with query catching ability.

  • Multiple engines for storage of data files and information.


MongoDB is also a type of database management solution. Unlike relational database model, it does not arrange data in tables and rows; instead it uses architecture of documents and collection. Features include:
  • High availability and scalability capabilities.

  • Ability to store multiple data types like structured, unstructured and polymorphic.

  • It is a database which is document oriented, unlike relational DBMS.

  • Supports multiple users and has wide request generation capabilities.

Database Management by ZNetLive

Experience the most advanced database management service Our Database management services include managed services and database as a service provisioning for the various database modules.
Database Assessment and Evaluation Services
Our database assessment and evaluation service includes a wide range of processes followed in order to analyze the data requirement of the organization and tools for DBA.
  • Governance of database for ensuring high security.

  • Database health checks to look for any file corruption, logical block corruption and more.

  • Analyzing data for storage optimization.

  • Ensuring High Availability for data base management system.

  • Evaluating DBA tools to ensure proper designing and implementation of database system.

  • Assessment of current DBMS system and timely upgrade.

Database Build Services
Our database build service aims at giving you a flexible data management framework facilitating data implementation, 3rd party integrations, version update, migration and more.
  • ERP implementation - ensuring high availability of database solutions.

  • Efficient processes for database governance and security standards.

  • Organization can easily update versions and set different parameters.

  • Easy data migration between systems, applications and multiple file formats.

  • Building database performance standard for reducing TCO.

  • Efficient third party integration capabilities for ERP systems.

Database Maintenance Services
Our database maintenance services support complete management of the database lifecycle from planning till controlling. Everything is managed, so that the organization gets easy access to the DBMS without maintaining technicalities like version update records.
  • Complete monitoring of data to ensure any block or file corruptions.

  • Matching the performance of the DBMS with the standard performance criteria.

  • Managing the storage space and optimization of the space for maximum cost control.

  • Backup and recovery management of your DBMS for improved agility.

  • Database release and change management facilities for managing, controlling and scheduling software.

  • Maintaining separate copy of the database, also known as DB cloning management.

Why choose us?
  • Industry Veterans
    Our 16+ years of industry experience helps you leverage it as your business advantage, ensuring your company's success in the market.
  • Simplified database management
    Our database management techniques are simple and with our anytime and quick 24X7 support, you get the best DB management solution.
  • Elimination of recurring issues
    We focus on constant monitoring of your DBMS and ensure that issues are resolved completely.
  • Faster database maturity and stability
    Our enterprise grade service delivery standards ensure that you are always updated with latest technologies and thus, give stability to your DBMS.