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SmarterMail 12.x

Exchange-level Mail Server Software

SmarterMail delivers Microsoft Exchange-level email server software and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost of Exchange. With lower hardware requirements, superior stability and reduced maintenance costs, SmarterMail has significantly lower TCO and is the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses, hosting companies and ISPs.

SmarterMail - Leases Professional Enterprise
250 Mailboxes (1 domain) 16.37 43.64
500 Mailboxes or Domains 32.73 54.55
1,000 Mailboxes or Domains 43.64 65.46
2,000 Mailboxes or Domains 54.55 81.83
Unlimited Mailboxes or Domains 65.46 109.10
Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus - Leasesmore info Price / Year
250 Mailboxes 19.48
500 Mailboxes 29.22
1,000 Mailboxes 38.97
2,000 Mailboxes 48.71
Unlimited Mailboxes 58.45
Cyren Anti-Spam - Leasesmore info Price / Year
250 Mailboxes 19.48
500 Mailboxes 29.22
1,000 Mailboxes 38.97
2,000 Mailboxes 48.71
Unlimited Mailboxes 58.45
Exchange ActiveSync - Leases more info Price / Year
25 Mailboxes 14.62
50 Mailboxes 29.22
100 Mailboxes 38.97
200 Mailboxes 68.19
Additional Mailboxes Show more

SmarterTrack 10.x

Customer Service and Help Desk Software

SmarterTrack is a powerful communications platform that acts as an online help desk for initiating, tracking, managing and reporting on a number of different communication channels. Whether it is a ticket submission via email or from the online portal, a live chat, a community post, comments made on a knowledge base article or more, SmarterTrack provides a centralized outlet for all communication channels and is an ideal solution for building your online community.

SmarterTrack Help Desk ( Leases ) Professional Enterprise
2 Agent 14.62 N/A
5 Agents 29.22 48.71
10 Agents 58.45 77.93
15 Agents N/A 97.41
25 Agents N/A 146.12
50 Agents N/A 243.53
Additional Agents Show more
SmarterTrack Communicator more info Price / Year
Per Server (includes all agents) 14.62

SmarterStats 8.x

Business Analytics to Gauge the Success of Your Online Presence

SmarterStats has over 100 different report items that analyze website traffic, a complete set of search engine optimization tools to help manage SEO campaigns and site tuning analytics that help improve a site's overall performance.

SmarterStats Business Analytics ( Leases ) Professional Enterprise
50 site 15.20 40.52
250 site 40.52 81.05
1000 site 75.98 126.64
2500 site 141.83 187.42
5,000 site N/A 253.27
10,000 site N/A 420.43
20,000 site N/A 673.70
30,000 site N/A 845.93

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