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Get SSL certificate to gain the trust of your clients

Being an authentic digital certificate provider, DigiCert with the acquisition of Symantec's Website Security, provides digital certificates to websites of businesses in different verticals, like e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing and technology. You can trust DigiCert for encrypting and validating your online business.
What is an SSL Certificate?
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), also called digital certificates set up an encrypted link between a server or website and end users. The SSL certification safeguards crucial data, like credit card information from being intercepted by a hacker or third party.

DigiCert SSL is available as an addon with

Benefits of DigiCert SSL

Garner trust

Trust is the basis of online transactions. When you protect your customer data, you form a relationship based on trust with them. This helps you in building your brand.
Secure data

An SSL certificate encrypts every information exchange that you exchange by encrypting the transmission, thereby protecting data from being hacked.
Get higher SEO ranking

HTTPS plays a vital role in enhancing the search engine ranking of websites. Google favours SSL certified websites for safer browsing.
Authenticate your business

An SSL is an affirmation that you are a true business as SSL is given only after proper vetting of an organization. Though all SSL certificates provide you with same encryption level, but certificates like DV, EV and OV are like proof of your identity. Given below are various certificate options.