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Whether you are planning to begin a new business or are already an established one, generating more business and multiplying your profits must be your foremost goal. Isn't it?

It's like a wish to stay fit but how and what ways to use, is something that keeps you worried.

How do you define a successful business?

Or to be more specific, what is the foremost requirement to have a business run in the right direction? I consider reaching out to the right set of customers as the basic factor that defines a business's success. But how do you do that? Let's discuss one by one:

1. Your Business Name

Gone are the days when Shakespeare's thoughts of "What's in a name" seemed to be relevant.

Do you think in today's digital world, your business can survive without a strong online name? Let me bet on this, you can't!

Scrolling down to read more? Make sure you have protected your brand digitally with the right domain name before that. Click here to complete this first requirement, before you move on. The domain .com is available on sale, priced at only INR 299/month, in case you wish to grab it.

2. Easily identifiable offerings and a secure website

A business needs to showcase its offerings in the best way possible such that it's easily identified by the buyers.

Hence, an informative and well-designed website becomes a must. To have a website run smooth and fast, I'd suggest you go for a solution that is the most used and recommended by millions of users worldwide. Look at the below screenshot that illustrates the beauty of this solution powered by WordPress. Click here to buy it from a trusted provider.

Intelligent people don't believe in doing all the things by themselves and hence, I suggest the same thing to you. While you focus on expressing your thoughts and showcasing your offerings on your website, managing its technical aspect and safety from the security threats would be taken care of by the experts.

3. Time and resource optimization

How often do you travel for business purposes and what impact does it have on your team co-ordination?

How much time do you and your team invest in physical meetings or writing emails to the clients and internal employees? Is all your official information on emails, safe and secure?

My friend, it's high time you change the way business was done ages back, else you'll be the one confined to the stone age, while all the other fast pacers will win the race of technology.

As Socrates has well put in- "The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

To make sure that networking, team collaboration, business productivity, data storage, security, data sharing and synchronization, trainings, client and team meetings, can happen from anywhere at any place and at any time - zone of the globe, I suggest you go for Office 365. Even your favourite platter does not satisfy your taste buds to the extent that this entire tool does to satisfy your business needs 😊

If you are a tech savvy business owner and already have a website that is not on WordPress, I suggest you explore some other great website managing solutions. Click here to re-write your success story now.

Also, for businesses like yours, empowered by 50 or more people , you should fulfil the above-mentioned mandate business needs from a trusted provider by buying each one of the above-mentioned solutions separately – A Business Name, Secure Website and Time and Resource Optimization Solution.

Here, you also get to explore free cloud consultation services for your business, directly from the cloud experts.

Nothing is impossible to get, it's just the way you choose to get to it, makes a big difference.

Ultimately, my aim is to help you generate some good business from my advice. This ultimately is for people who take fast action and are determined to grab opportunities as soon as they see one. If that's you, my purpose is solved 😊 If not, I'll still suggest you to check out the current performance of your online business by clicking here.

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible." Jonathon Swift

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About Barkha Singh
Leading the marketing division at ZNetLive, Barkha likes to devise ambitious projects to meet the organization's revenue goals. Her deep knowledge of role of IT and ways of doing today's business helps her frame innovative marketing strategies. These strategies that haven't been explored before help one frame successful result-driven marketing campaigns. You can reach her on Linkedin.