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Hardware–as-a Service

By ZNetLive

Run your services on the most advanced state-of-the-art hardware- without any hassles of buying or maintaining it!

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Most advanced IT hardware at your disposal

Add latest IT equipment and hardware as and when needed for your business growth without any capex –with HaaS on opex model.

Cost-effective solution

Hardware-as-a Service (HaaS) is a great method of making use of latest hardware for expected or unexpected business growth without actually buying it. With HaaS, you get increased working capital as large capital investment is converted to a manageable operating expense.

We provide flexible lease terms from 1 year to 3 years.

Secure hardware

As is known in the IT industry, new hardware is the best and most secure hardware. With HaaS, you can easily upgrade to newer and more secure hardware as the need be.

Our HaaS solution can also provide increased network security by adding upgrades after a thorough assessment of your IT requirements by our technical team.

Scalable hardware

With our best hardware as a service, you get in-built scalability to increase the number of your IT equipment and components as per your business needs.

Moreover, you can scale down or leave the unneeded hardware if your business requires that.

Stay up-to-date

With outdated tools, you cannot scale new business landscape of the future. With ZNetLive's hardware as a service, you stay with latest technology hardware from servers to peripherals to computers.

No more 'working things out' due to cost constraints!

We have you covered

As part of ZNetLive's managed IT services, HaaS covers hardware issues like maintenance, licensing, depreciation, back-up and more so that you are free from any hardware hassles and can concentrate on your business growth.

Affordable IT equipment as and when you need

Why be burdened with outdated IT equipment that reduce productivity, when you can have all the new hardware in the world with HaaS?

Financial Benefits

  • Lease contracts from 12 to 36 months
  • Zero deposit or upfront payment
  • No underwriting or application process
  • No credit review

Infrastructure Benefits

  • Deployment within 24 hours to your cage/cabinet
  • You get complete control of operating systems and applications and a safe and private environment

Equipment Benefits

  • Racks
  • Bare Metal Servers
  • HDDs
  • RAM
  • PDUs
  • Raid Cards
  • Network Switches
  • Cable Managers

Equipment Features

  • Dell hardware
  • Microsoft Azure compatibility ensures that you can build public, private and hybrid cloud on your hardware to offer the best in IT to your customers
Flexible hardware for flexible business needs

Hardware from A to Z of your business - to scale, to meet that big order, to launch new services or for that unexpected traffic surge

State of the art hardware for business of all sizes

Meet all hardware and IT equipment requirement with increased flexibility and cost –effectiveness.

  • Hardware as a Service for web hosting industry

    With growth in your web hosting business, your infrastructure needs can change drastically. With HaaS, fulfill various technical requirements with increased flexibility and cost –effectiveness.

    You have the option to choose from our variety of hosting industry related hardware - bare metal servers, routers, firewalls, switches and more.

  • Hardware as a Service for ecommerce solutions

    The main concern of ecommerce solutions' providers is the security off customer's data. With HaaS, you can build cloud infrastructure and have Microsoft private cloud or hybrid cloud to safeguard your customers' critical information.

    You can further mix and match leased hardware with ZNetLive colocation services to get reliable, safe and scalable environment for your leased IT infrastructure.

  • Hardware as a Service for Software-as-a-Service

    With ZNetLive's Hardware – as- a- Service, get increased control with your own BGP management, adding load balancer of your own and reaching more customers by setting up an Anycast network.

    Scale as needed to grow as desired!

  • Hardware as a Service for Disaster Recovery

    Most organizations shy from getting backup servers or going for a DR solution due to the associated high costs.

    With HaaS, reduce capital expenditure on backup hardware, network connections and use hot cutover for mirroring environments.

How HaaS can help you reduce capex?

Get in touch with our IT experts who can help in providing customized business solutions for all your IT infra needs.

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