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We are the technical support specialists. We offer wide range of support services for businesses of all sizes to give the best in class service experience. To ensure help at every step, we have in our support team - system administrators, network administrators, cloud engineers, customer relationship executives and business development executives.
System Administration Services
  • System administrators to keep your environment stable and running

    Installation, configuration, upkeep and flawless operation of the systems, is of course not an art, but yet needs specialization. Knowing this very fact, we maintain a whole team of system administrators that support you at different levels – L1, L2 and L3 to help you run your IT environment successfully.

  • Cloud engineers for virtualized systems' support

    Virtual private servers and cloud servers need expert administration. Our cloud engineers help you run your virtualized systems smoothly, ensuring no downtime and no data loss.

  • Preventive maintenance by network administrators

    Our network administrators at L1, L2 and L3 levels perform a lot of tasks, for managing your servers, desktop and mobile equipment - conducting regular maintenance audits to keep your server network (LAN, VPN etc.) up to date and lessen the likelihood of server failures, preventing downtime, unexpected breakdown and thus, saving your repair costs.

  • Disaster recovery by remote system administrators

    Our remote system administrators help you maintain your IT infrastructure, assign and update security permissions on the network and ensure that your email and data storage networks work properly.

    They are experts in recovering lost data and resume the server to an efficient working state. They assist you in planning and deployment of disaster recovery procedures, and help you take backups to restore your accounts effortlessly.

  • Server hardening by security team

    Our server administrators create a baseline for your servers to protect them against vulnerable security issues. As part of the server hardening process, we do the following:

    • Stabilize the server.
    • Provide assistance for immediate threat identification and server specific solutions for the identified threats.
    • Conduct security audits, vulnerability scans and examine system applications.
    • Set up alerts to notify you of the updates.
    • Monitor your server for malware, proactively notify you about any malicious activities and block any malware uploads.

    Get access to our expert server administrators for any emergency support need, arising any hour of the day or night. Unresponsive server, network failure, or hardware failure- our administrators have solution for all.

Customer Support Services
  • Multi-channel support

    Customer delight is the core concern at ZNetLive. Our customer relationship executives and managers provide customers with round the clock access to the expert support over phone, email and live chat.

  • Pre-sales support

    Our tech team helps you in choosing the right products for your business by analyzing your requirements. They help you learn more about our products so that you can decide wisely, by answering all your queries patiently. We also provide transitional support, post - sale.

  • Compliance and SLA management

    ZNetLive gives a helping hand to its each customer- the dedicated account manager, who is your single point of contact at ZNetLive. He is accountable to ensure that you meet all your business goals and thus, takes timely and corrective actions to ensure high quality of service. He also investigates SLA affecting issues and helps you in taking actions to ensure that you meet the regulatory compliance standards.

Online tech support services
  • Accountable, accessible, answerable online support

    No more frustrations when your technology does not work predictably. We offer constant support to our customers via our multi-tier, in- built support system – NodeFirstTM. It comprises highly proficient engineers, with years of experience in technical support, who excel in troubleshooting wide variety of issues, irrespective of their complexity.

  • Seamless migration

    We help our customers migrate effortlessly by assisting them in the migration of their files, emails, databases, etc. to the new servers without any data loss and downtime.

  • Control panel support

    We offer support for cPanel, Plesk and WebsitePanel. We update and apply security patches for your control panels. Further, to increase your efficiency, our support engineers have automated several control related tasks by developing custom scripts.

  • Customized response time

    We respond to support queries as soon as we receive them, but this can be customized as per your SLA.

  • Assistance for crash recovery

    We help you recover your data, lost through service or server crashes through efficient backup management, mail box repairs, database repairs and more.

  • Troubleshooting service issue

    We quickly resolve your account issues like mail errors, web errors etc. through our advanced troubleshooting measures.