Most befitting Hybrid Cloud for your business

Blend in private cloud, public cloud and dedicated servers as per your needs to create the best mix

Azure hybrid cloud

computing servers for your business ecosystem.
Public Cloud
Public Cloud

Pay-as-you-go & scalability

Private Cloud
Private Cloud

Security, control & cost-effectiveness

Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers

Reliability & high performance

  • Productivity & Flexibility
    Productivity & Flexibility

    Availability of scalability and cost effective public resources provide more options to explore varied operational avenues. Create or expand an existing private cloud environment.

    • Integrated tools for huge savings in time and costs.

    • Meet dynamically changing business needs with greater flexibility.

    • Maintain consistency across different cloud platforms with familiar tools and resources.

    • Get complete view of the infrastructure.

    Streamlined Storage & Management
    Streamlined Storage & Management

    Hybrid cloud web hosting allows you to get cost saving benefits from public cloud element whilst keeping sensitive data secure in private cloud element.

    • Windows Azure management portal centrally controls all storage functions.

    • Solid State Drives (SSDs) provide for low cost Input/output operations.

    • Cloud storage stores, take backups and archives data & offloads inactive data.

    • Increases storage utilization and reduces growth rates with inline deduplication and compression.

    Security & Disaster Recovery
    Security & Disaster Recovery

    Microsoft Hybrid Cloud's private cloud element provides security for sensitive data, along with satisfying regulatory needs for storage and data handling as in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) environment.

    • Only the utmost necessary data is downloaded by Instant Recovery for fast RTOs (Recovery Time Objectives).

    • Disaster recovery testing without disrupting routine operations.

    • Determination of data retention by software policies & not with unreliable backup system capacity.

    High Scalability
    High Scalability

    Depending upon IaaS configuration in hybrid cloud hosting, private cloud offers limited scalability, but public cloud offers increased scalability with resource availability through bigger cloud infrastructure. With Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud hosting, you can move non-sensitive operations to public cloud with greater scalability and keep data demanding lesser scaling on your private cloud.

    • Quickly scale services up and down as per your demand.

    • Deliver better IT solutions with no complexities.

    • Extend your datacenter with consistent management toolset, development & IT solutions.


Why ZNetLive Hybrid Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure?

With Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Hosting powered by Windows Azure, you need not compromise between the pros of public and private cloud servers.
Get best mix with flexible cloud services, scalability, and capacity that fits your business.

Hybrid Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure
  • Go hybrid way with a private cloud within your datacenter, while extending into the managed cloud through our global datacenters located in India and throughout the world.

  • Enjoy consistent experience throughout clouds: on-premises, public or service provider environment.

  • With unified identity and management, access cloud resources with one sign-on across all clouds.

  • Combine your existing infrastructure and technology investments with the cloud for delivering innovative business scenarios and bettering critical systems.

  • Fully govern and control your cloud and your datacenter with centrally managed cloud storage, compute, and networking resources.

  • Leverage unified management for guaranteeing app performance and easing deployment across various devices.

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