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ZNetLive's Cloud Solutions for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations always make efforts to make a positive impact in the society through various initiatives. Here, technology can prove to be very crucial to meet the needs of a more mobile and tech-savvy society while dealing with shrinking budgets and resources at the same time.

What do Non-Profit Organizations expect from IT and Cloud technology to help them with?

Provide better services/improve their services offered and also keep the costs under budget.

Keep the volunteers all across their reach connected through a single network and recruit more of them easily.

Improve their work productivity while working together from remote locations.

Use technology in a better way to make a positive impact on the society.

How can ZNetLive’s Cloud and IT Solutions Help Non-Profits with their Needs?
  • Keep your network updated

    Enable everybody in your network to stay updated with latest updates and happenings by adopting latest cloud communication solutions.

  • Let your team work from anywhere

    Enable your diversified team to collaborate and work together while being away and from any location with any device including smartphones and tablets.

  • Make your teamwork more effective

    You can make your teamwork more effective and efficient by collaborating with your colleagues, volunteers, donators and citizens, in real time using innovative online tools and services.

  • Get the most out of technology

    Use the latest technology and extend existing technology investments easily and affordably with cloud services.

  • Adapt to change

    Modernize your approach towards delivering services to meet the increased demand with latest tools and apps.

  • Keep the critical data protected

    Keep your critical data safe and protected in cloud and stay assured that it will be available to you even in case of a disaster with efficient backup techniques.

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