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ZNetLive's Cloud Solutions for Retail Industries

The professionals engaged in retail industry continuously work in a highly competitive environment. To effectively target and retain customers and grow their business, retailers need to make fast and data driven decisions.

What do retail professionals expect from IT and Cloud technology to help them with?

The retail business is concerned with driving sales and creating a better, differentiated customer experience and expects technology to help

Drive better sales and retain existing customers and increase their outreach.

Provide a differentiated customer experience with the help technologically advanced products.

To be able to use multiple online payment gateways and remain PCI compliant when processing credit card payments.

Work together easily across numerous retail locations and stay connected with each other all the time.

Increase their productivity and sales and reduce costs at the same time.

How can ZNetLive’s Cloud and IT Solutions Help Retail Service Providers with their Needs?
  • Better understand your customer’s needs

    You can gain deep insights in to exact customer requirements with critical data analysis using simple graphical reports that help in driving more effective campaigns and formulating strategies.

  • Do your work from anywhere

    You can use mobile devices and many other online technologies to share current pricing and product information with your customers from anytime, anywhere.

  • Collaborate with your team more effectively

    Keep your entire team working from different locations, connected with each other all the time with latest mobile and cloud technologies.

  • Create great customer experience and boost sales

    Store and use the latest customer data to personalize the shopping experience of each customer by establishing connectivity across multiple devices, this will certainly help boost your sales.

  • Protect and control your critical data

    Keep all your online transactions safe and secure and keep the credit card transactions PCI compliant.

  • Be prepared for the unexpected

    Keep your business moving with 99.9 percent uptime guarantees and proven reliability for backup even in case of a disaster.

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