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Revamp Remote Work Security with InstaSafe

  • Improved security, user experience, and simplicity
  • Zero trust for multi-cloud, no legacy hassles
  • App access control, visibility, secure connectivity

Rethink Security for your Remote Workforce

For 'Work from Anywhere', security is the need of the hour

Secure Remote Access

  • Protect and Enable Access for on-prem applications
  • Integrated Single Sign On (SSO) for a seamless access experience
  • Natively secure all cloud applications
  • Secure access to internal web applications
  • Secure remote access to SSH/RDP
  • Separate data and control traffic

All round visibility

  • Monitoring of user activity from Single Pane Command Dashboard
  • Multiple cloud-based applications accessed through single click
  • Choose between agent based, agentless, and secure workspace browser options for deployment
  • Disable Screen capture, Copy/Paste & Clipboard
  • Disable Screen Recording
  • Block downloads for sensitive applications

Upgrade existing Security Posture

  • InstaSafe Gateway only visible to user device
  • Secures against DDoS Attacks
  • Separate user and group level access policies
  • MTLS Encryption of traffic
  • Drop All Firewalls
  • Separate encrypted tunnel for each application connection
  • Conceals itself, applications, and devices from internet

Granular Access Control

  • Enforce role-based access policies
  • Set granular level policies for BYOD devices
  • Geolocation and Geobinding - restrict access based on location of user and device
  • Enable behavioral biometrics for privileged users accessing critical data
  • Carry forth device posture checks before granting access

Endpoint Capabilities

  • Behavioral Biometrics based authentication
  • Device Posture and User Identity Checks
  • Disable Screen Recording
  • Block downloads for sensitive applications
  • Dynamic Authorization based on Geo-risk and Temporal (Time based) Risk Assessment
  • One click access to applications on a single Dashboard
  • Disable Screen capture, Copy/Paste & Clipboard

Seamless Integrations

  • Disable Screen Recording
  • Easy Integration with 3rd party applications
  • SAML/AD Integration
  • Seamless Integration with SIEMs and reporting tools
  • TOTP Authentication
  • Inbuilt InstaSafe Authenticator
  • Log streaming services
  • Inbuilt IDP with support for LDAP/AD

Why Zero Trust with InstaSafe?

Eliminate the need for VPNs and obsolete security tools

Simplify your IT infrastructure

Simplify deployment and maintenance with a hyperscalable SaaS solution that doesn't need complex firewalls.

Reduce your attack surface

By enabling the least privilege access model, grants access to users and devices following continuous verification.

Stop cyberattacks

By reducing the attack surface and utilizing a continuous risk assessment system, stop insider threats and common cyberattacks.

Reduce cost of IT

Reduce total cost of operations by as much as 40% by deploying hardware free solutions.

Monitor all Access

Manage and monitor all user activities and access to the cloud and on-premise applications from a single dashboard.

Work from Anywhere

Manage access to all your applications from an easy-to-use console. Enable employees to work safely from anywhere without worries related to compromised networks.

Replace your VPN

InstaSafe enables secure access to applications of any kind, to workforces situated anywhere. Compared to legacy solutions like VPNs, InstaSafe minimizes attack surface and prevents malicious actors from gaining insider access to sensitive resources.

Manage Vendor Access

With advanced monitoring and authentication features, and all-round visibility over all user activity, privileged access of resources to third party contractors using unmanaged devices becomes simple and easy.

Secure On-Premise and Cloud Applications

Instead of relying on multiple tools to access on-premise and cloud workloads, simplify access and prevent the risk of lateral movement with InstaSafe.

Identity Based Verification

Access is based on user identity authentication and device posture assessment that’s done continuously.

How InstaSafe works?

Three-dimensional risk assessment methodology – user, device, and application
InstaSafe uses 4 core principles to work
Innate distrust, default deny

Innate distrust, default deny

Operationalize a system of continuous authentication and authorization to provide least privilege, contextual access.

One Size doesn’t fit all

One Size doesn’t fit all

Complete visibility and control over user activity allows for framing access policies on a granular level, and restricting access based on different levels of privilege for different users.

Align and Integrate

Align and Integrate

Align to a broader security strategy and allow for easy integration with other security tools for better security posture.

Security based on Identity

Security based on Identity

Pull the security perimeter from the network to the individual human users, and grant access based on identity as the single control point.

Device and User Authentication
  • Device and user identity get authenticated by the Controller through Multi factor Authentication (MFA).
Gateway and Controller Communication
  • Controller communicates with the Gateway and requests access for the legitimate user.
User Device and Gateway Communication
  • mTLS tunnel is established between Gateway and device for allowing data traffic for permitted application access.
Device and User Authentication

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    The move to AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud was the best decision, undoubtedly. ZNetLive further simplified the entire process by helping our team set up our systems on AWS Cloud.

    Mr. Satish Jain

    AGM - Business Transformation,
    B. Lal Clinical Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.


  • What is the use of InstaSafe?

    InstaSafe is a comprehensive security solution designed to protect your network and data in a hybrid work environment. It ensures secure access for remote users, safeguards sensitive information, and minimizes the risks associated with cyber threats.
  • How to install InstaSafe?

    Installing InstaSafe through ZNetLive is a seamless process. Our team of experts will guide you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Once you've acquired InstaSafe services from ZNetLive, our professionals will assist you in the installation process, configuring the application to suit your hybrid work environment's specific needs. With our dedicated support, you'll have InstaSafe up and running smoothly in no time.
  • How can I download InstaSafe?

    To access InstaSafe's powerful security solutions, simply acquire the services from ZNetLive. Upon purchase, you'll gain access to the necessary download links and resources. Our team will ensure that you receive all the information required to download InstaSafe according to your hybrid work environment's requirements.
  • How does InstaSafe protect my network layer?

    InstaSafe safeguards your network layer through a comprehensive Zero Trust security approach. It employs authentication, authorization, segmentation, and continuous monitoring. Beginning with device classification and policy creation, InstaSafe ensures that only authorized users and devices can access your network resources. By translating policies into specific commands for network devices, it enforces granular access control. Additionally, the use of Software Defined Perimeters ensures that each access request is evaluated independently, with user traffic securely tunneled through application-specific channels. This layered strategy, coupled with continuous monitoring, minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and strengthens your network's security.
  • Does InstaSafe Secure Access support 2FA?

    Yes. InstaSafe Secure Access offers integrated Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) via SMS, Email, or Google OTP. We also extend compatibility to third-party token-based solutions like RSA SecurID and Vasco through the RADIUS protocol. Furthermore, our proprietary Authenticator Application enhances your enterprise security with features spanning from TOTP-based authentication to biometric-enabled access, providing an extra layer of protection.
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