How to Change my DNS or NameServers?

You require setting of nameservers and configuring of DNS so that the people are able to find your site.  You can utilize either ZNetLive’s nameservers or third-party nameservers. In both the methods, you need them configured so that your domain works with web hosting account of ZNetLive.

IMPORTANT: When your nameservers are changed at the registrar, there is a DNS propagation delay of 24 to 48 hours and your email and website becomes inaccessible during this time period of propagation.


1: Using ZNetLive NameServers (recommended)

Most customers use the preferred choice of using ZNetLive nameservers as they are configured automatically for working with ZNetLive web hosting accounts.

The first step towards using nameservers is to find out the nameservers that you should utilize for your ZNetLive hosting account.  This depends upon the type of hosting and the server.

The second step is to change the nameservers. You can manage your domain online if you purchased it from ZNetLive.

However, if you didn’t buy it from us, we cannot change the nameservers as we do not have control over domain. You will need to contact the company from whom you purchased the domain in order to update the nameservers. Most domain registrars provide you with necessary tools to do it yourself. Next, you need to remove the present nameservers and put nameservers provided in your welcome email in their place.

2: Use NameServers Elsewhere (advanced)

Some users may be utilizing different nameservers for different other reasons. But this needs more maintenance, as no automatic updation is there unlike ZNetLive nameservers.  

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