I am getting 'Server Error in '/' Application' What should I do?

Cause :  This error is encountered due to incorrect website setting or components if the website is not installed on the server.

Resolution :

  • For checking exact error of your website, you have to log into your server via remote desktop and check the website on server’s local browser or  disable custom error mode in your website’s  web.config file. 
  • Once exact error is displayed, then you can resolve that error.


You cannot delete “Server Error in '/' Application” message. You have to take steps to correct the error as this is an application error on the server that prevents the website from running. There are many possible causes for this error. This error is related to server end as well as the coding part. Often when this error appears, the error page will offer more information about the problem. On seeing the error message details, you can get the exact reason that this error is related to server end or programming end.

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