What is ZNetLive's Affiliate Program?

ZNetLive's affiliate program is an established online marketing program which offers a unique opportunity to earn money by referring ZNetLive's products and services to family, friends, customers etc. On becoming an affiliate, you spread the word about ZNetLive and in turn, earn extra income in the form of commission for each successful purchase.*

As soon as you sign-up, you receive a unique URL from ZNetLive. This URL acts as your website for selling ZNetLive's services and products for earning handsome commissions.

If you have your own website or run a blog, then you can take advantage of digital marketing collaterals, like banners, mailers and text links which you can place on your site, blog and/or social media pages for driving traffic to your unique affiliate URL and earning the commission.

*You will earn commission ONLY if the sale is made through your unique affiliate URL.


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