What does semi-managed VPS mean?

Those virtual private servers that are taken without a web hosting control panel (Plesk or cPanel) come under semi-managed VPS category and they are offered limited support. Semi-Managed support means that any basic configuration, hardware or operating system issues related to the server will be looked into. Issues that will be taken care of by our administrators may include, but are not limited to:

·         Basic website related issues (Internal Server Errors, 404s, etc).

·         Sluggishness or Load issues.

·         Failure of server to restart.

·         Network related problems.

·         Hardware failure.

·         Basic named configuration for 1-2 domains.

·         Basic task automation.

·         Troubleshooting pre-existing configurations.

·         Basic firewall setup/troubleshooting and more.

If you require some clarification or need to ask something about any issue not discussed here, you may get in touch through phone or live chat.


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