What is an SSL certificate and why is it required?
What is an SSL certificate and why is it required?

SSL Certificate: In order to use the secure SSL protocol, businesses need to apply for SSL certificates from trusted Certification Authorities or CA. The SSL certificate is a digital data file that links some coded information, such as the domain or the server name, certificate’s legal owner, owner’s physical location, certificate’s validity dates and the server’s public keys to the applicant organization’s details.

The applicant organization would be authorized to obtain the certificate only after it clears different inspection levels, which depend upon the type of certification, the organization has applied for. After the organization obtains the SSL certificate, it needs to deploy the certificate on its web server for initiating the SSL sessions with different browsers. Following installation, the website could be accessed through standard https://www.domain... , which notifies the server to form a secure link with the browser. Once the connection is secure, then complete data transfer would be secure.

Requirement of SSL Certificates:

There has been a marked increase in the number of customers opting for online shopping and banking, but the issues such as phishing and pharming still keep many customers from completing or even starting online transactions.

So, in order to assure the end users, that the site with which they are sharing their data is authentic and their data is secure, sites must use SSL technology that safeguards the integrity and privacy of the complete data that is being transmitted in a specific session.


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