Why should I choose ZNetLive's SSL certificate? Why is its pricing higher than the price of other SSL brands?
Why should I choose ZNetLive's SSL certificate? Why is its pricing higher than the price of other SSL brands?

ZNetLive's SSL certificates deploy the best in class technology, give you the strongest 2084 Bit encryption and provide multiple value added cost saving features to ensure that your website is always protected and meets the stringiest of the internet security guidelines today.

Moreover, we have been in the online services industry for long and an ever increasing number of active enterprise clients under our belt are a testimony to our quality services. We've got all the right award and accreditations, including ICANN Accreditation, Microsoft Gold Hosting Competency partnership, Host Review Affordable Hosting and Readers' Choice Award, Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2010 & 2011 awards.

Our certified services are delivered via a robust public key infrastructure (PKI) with global data centers, disaster recovery, redundancy, high availability and world-class instrumentation protecting the network.

Our partnership with Cloudflare, the network performance specialist, ensures that your SSL secured websites, load many times faster regardless of where your customer is in the world.

Lesser OCSP and CRL are imminent as browsers utilize either OCSP or CRL for checking the revocation status of a specific certificate. Revocation information about a specific certificate from its issuing CA is provided by OCSP and CRL provides a list of revoked certificates. Browser support for the two forms of revocation varies from, no checking at all to the use of both methods where necessary.

Our multi-domain SSL certificates aid customers in saving a lot of money as within a single certificate, the customers can secure and obtain green address bar for multiple sub-domains and fully qualified domain names (FQDN) in almost half the cost of purchasing separate SSL certificates for each subdomain and FQDN. Also, when you pay for one SSL certificate, you not only get a number of value added services, but you also secure [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] along with your domain extension free of cost. So in the long run, ZNetLive’s SSL certificates offer actual savings in total costs as compared to all other brands of SSL certificates.


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