Why EVSSL is a better choice and why it turns address bar green?
Why EVSSL is a better choice and why it turns address bar green?

 EV SSL offers multiple advantages to the organizations, such as:

  • Protection of the customer’s accounts against phishing.
  • Protection of your brand from the fraudulent web sites claiming to be you.
  • Instills confidence in the end user’s mind about the organization, and that his data would be safe with it. This confidence ultimately leads to increased profits for the organization.  For example, the Online Conversion Rates of Trend Micro increased by 8% after it introduced GlobalSign’s EV SSL on its site. *

As EVSSL is the best security available, so it is ideal for e-commerce sites, banks and any other organization that needs to protect its client’s credit or debit card details or any other confidential information.

The essence of Green Address Bar:

The Green Address Bar gives you the opportunity to showcase the organization name in the address bar itself so that even the non-technical customers can be instantly assured of your credibility. Visitors can see other details like your full organization name, address, physical location etc. by simply clicking on the Green Address Bar, a feature that is not available in Organization SSL certificate. Higher trust means more confidence in your website, and more confidence means more converting visitors to sales!

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