Are there any important things that I should know before installing an SSL certificate?
Are there any important things that I should know before installing an SSL certificate?

A dedicated IP address is required for installation of a private SSL certificate.  Unless your account already has a dedicated IP address, it is automatically added to your account whenever an SSL certificate is ordered.

There is a technical limitation of one dedicated IP and one SSL certificate per cPanel on all our accounts utilizing cPanel like shared, reseller, various VPS accounts and Linux dedicated hosting accounts.   If more than one SSL certificate is required for a different domain or subdomain, one more cPanel account needs to be created. Like, if you own a shared hosting account, you can add another shared hosting account or you can upgrade to a VPS, reseller or dedicated plan.  However, if you own a VPS account with cPanel, have a reseller plan or you own a Linux dedicated server, a new account can be created in WHM for the desired domain.

Your website’s IP address will change when switch is being made to the dedicated IP address. This translates to worldwide DNS propagation or updation time of approximately 4-8 hours. Thus, some visitors are able to view the website at the new IP address immediately, but some are able to see it only after 8 hours following dedicated IP address change.  This impact time can be minimized by planning in advance. Like, if you are in the middle of any promotional campaign, switching to a dedicated IP address is not recommended. 

  •  Issue of SSL Certificates is done on an Annual Basis

SSL Certificates are normally issued with an expiry of one year, though you can also avail multi-year SSL certificates by contacting our SSL specialists.  It is recommended that a new SSL certificate should be purchased with a new expiration date before your certificate expires.

Although it’s being referred to as renewal of an SSL certificate, but actually you purchase a new SSL certificate with a new expiry date.  Though we try to process all SSL orders within 24 hours, it is recommended that you buy your SSL atleast one week before the expiry date of your existing SSL certificate.

  • One domain allows more than one secured domain

Though the number of SSL Certificates depends upon the number of cPanel, however one SSL certificate can incorporate multiple domain name or subdomains. This can be achieved by buying a wildcard SSL or multi-domain SSL certificate. Though they may cost you a bit more still, you will be able to have all the secured sub domains and domains in a single account. Further, dedicated IP address can be shared among all of them which will save money in both, buying more dedicated IPs and maintaining a separate account.


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