How do ZNetLive's SSL Certificates increase the loading speed?
How do ZNetLive's SSL Certificates increase the loading speed?

ZNetLive provides SSL certificates in collaboration with GlobalSign - the leading CA, and CloudFlare -the network performance specialist, to ensure that the ‘handshake’ transaction takes place blazingly fast and the loading speed of your website is never adversely impacted.

Most Certificate Authorities have only few datacenters around the globe, and rely on a limited quantity and quality of infrastructure to respond to all ‘handshake’ requests, which is the primary reason for the OCSP response time being as high as 500ms. 

In order to increase the SSL loading speed, ZNetLive’s SSL certificates use CloudFlare and their infrastructure across the globe to provide certificate status requests speedily, thus accelerating OCSP responses to nearly 50ms (which is 1/20th of a second).

CloudFlare’s expertise lies in network performance and speeding up website loading times. When a request for certificate validity is made, in place of depending on just one datacenter to deliver it, the request is directed to 23 datacenters around the globe, each having top notch infrastructure, and whichever datacenter happens to be nearest to the visitor’s geographical location, delivers the certificate status and all other data that the visitor’s browser asks for.  This removes any geographic delays, and significantly reduces the website loading time, which is of paramount importance if you want to convert your website visitors into customers.

See the recent OCSP Response time report of different CA’s to compare GlobalSign’s (ZNetLive’s CA) SSL certificate performance with other CAs.


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